Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My New Favorite Dessert.


I’m alive.

I had a weekend that went by too fast, and a whirlwind of a Monday. By the time I sat to blog last night. I just couldn’t. I’m back though and ready to recap the weekend!

On Saturday, I taught pump and spent 20 minutes on the elliptical. I have decided the elliptical is probably a little more boring then the treadmill…

The weather around here is starting to warm up.

By warm I mean in the low 40’s and not the high 20’s. We put some jackets on and went to the park for the first time in forever! These two LOVE to swing and it is pretty much all they want to do the whole time. I taught them how to pump when they swing so they can swing without me pushing them. Bee has got it down! Tanner needs a little more practice.


After the park we went to Spankys for lunch. These may become a weekly occurrence.

I can’t get enough of this huge salad. My favorite part is the sprouts! I think they just add a little something and make everything you put them on feel a little fancy. I don’t know why I don’t buy them that often. If you ask me, they should be a staple.


At Spanky’s they give the kids an option to have ice cream or a cookie with their kids meal. They obviously make the best decision.


Bee picked Huckleberry because it was pink.. I may of influenced her just a little.. Huckleberry ice cream is my favorite! I had to steal a couple bites.

Sunday, we did the church thing, then spent the rest of the afternoon napping and riding our bikes around the block, again and again, and again.


Every Sunday we tend to get together with family and last Sunday we got to celebrate a special ladies Birthday!

This may be my new favorite dessert in the world.

I have always liked brownies but these were a condenseier ---> (not a word.. but it is now.) And more moist, rich and melt in your mouth kind of brownies.


I’ll have to get the recipe for you guys! We also served it with some mint chocolate ice cream, which made it absolutely perfect!

My Grandma is very special to me. She is always willing to listen and is willing to come help me with anything, rather it be cleaning my house or just watching the twinners for a little bit.

Happy Birthday!


Oh and for a little randomness to wrap up the post.

I think I have mastered the omelet! A burnt one. Oh well. Still ate it but I’m proud it didn’t fall apart like most of my attempts do! Winking smile


I’ll be back later tonight with a workout for you and a serious discussion.

What is your favorite dessert?

What is your favorite kind of ice cream?