Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thymes & Seasons


Yesterday was busy and by the end of the night when I sat down to blog, my phone cord wouldn’t connect to the computer or even charge my phone! Since I take the majority of my pics with my phone, I didn’t want to post without pictures.. after fiddling with it for ever I gave up and  I was more then ready for bed!

I love technology…

I did 3 rounds of this workout at GPP, two with one class then one bonus round after I taught the GPP kids class. I modified it a bit and rowed instead of the rope jumps.



I also ran some errands around SLC. It has been far to long since I have been to Trader Joes. I forget how much I love that place.

And these almonds.


Lulu is just around the corner and may of just been a bonus.


Baylee loves the School house Cinnamon cookies. Although, since when did my kids get super particular about which ones they eat. Baylee only wanted “B’s” and “E’s” and Tanner only wanted “W’s,” “O’s” and “5’s”

REALLY? They ALL taste the SAME!! It may be the last time I buy those. I may just stick to the cats from now on…


We tried to take a nap, and it went just as well as snack time..


I tried to make pancakes for lunch and failed, so I dumped all the batter into a bowl and microwaved it for 10 minutes.



It tasted great! Maybe I’ll try the pancakes again..

Today I went out to eat TWICE.. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

FACT: I really don’t like going out to eat. If it is a fresh restaurant and not a chain, I’m okay. I just like to know what I’m eating, how it’s prepared and so on.. I know, I know. I’m a huge food snob.

I went to lunch at Thymes and Seasons in Bountiful. It has been around for awhile and I have seen it but never really even thought  about  going there.

When we walked in, its not your normal restaurant. We stood at the front for a minute or two like idiots because we didn’t know what we were supposed to do.

Then the chef came up to us and asked us what we wanted to eat.

The menu is up high on a board but he just asked what we wanted. I told him chicken and veggies. He said okay and then just said he would bring us some food.


He did just that.


And it was AMAZING!! This is a chicken stir fry. Everything about it was perfect. It was made with egg noodles, a ton of veggies, chicken and even topped with basil!

Then he brought out a chicken salad. I think it was a teriyaki chicken and had a sweet balsamic on it.

Then there was the SALMON.


It was so GOOD. I seriously think I ate the majority of it. It was topped with a mango sauce and I don’t think I have ever had a better salmon!

The chef even spoiled us by bringing us a Gluten- Free Dessert!


It was 2 ounces of chocolate perfection! Seriously, amazing. It is made with the best Belgian chocolate and vanilla bean.

The thing I like most about this restaurant is that everything is FRESH! All the meats are range-free and  all the veggies are fresh. The menu changes throughout the seasons. I do wish there was an actual detailed menu to look at and choose from but understand his concept on the whole thing. He is from New York and has the attitude to match, which was entertaining throughout our meal. He does care about giving you a quality meal and making sure you are satisfied with your meal!

I think it is the only restaurant I have ever heard of that has a registered dietician on staff! All meals are created with your health in mind!

If you are local, go check it out! It is a MUST GO!

This post is long enough! I’ll post about the other restaurant later!

Peace out.


What is the last restaurant you ate at?

Who ran today?? Make me jealous.