Thursday, January 30, 2014

Grocery Haul


Yesterday, I skipped out on posting because honestly, just sitting or actually laying in my bed watching Nashville sounded a little better. Anyone else watch that? You should.

I went grocery shopping yesterday and here are a few things I always have in my house at all times,and some new things that I wanted to try. Besides, I was at Costco. You never walk out of there with just your “list.”


This broccoli come in 4 1lb steamable microwavable bags! I love it. Anything that cuts dishes out, I’m a fan.

Wild Cut Mahi Mahi, has been my fish of choice lately.


The Natures Three Berries goes into about every recovery shake that I make. There are raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. It is cheaper to buy them frozen then fresh this time of year.

My Costco just recently started selling the Egg white Cartons. I also buy the 2 dozen box of eggs too. In the winter I eat a LOT of eggs. Easy and quick protein. My family and I go through this whole box in a week!


I have been adding a little dairy back into my diet to see if I can become tolerant to it again. I started by putting just a spoonful in my oats and had issues at first but I think its getting better! This greek yogurt is just plain, low in sugar and taste like sour cream so I have to add stevia to it or fruit.


A few things that caught my eye and were actually more of an impulse purchases.

1. Gluten Free flax & ancient grain all purpose flour. So far it has been a hit. I have used it, to make cookies, muffins and pancakes! (One day I’ll measure out everything and share it with you.)

2. So Delicious unsweetened coconut milk! I usually drink almond milk but this saves a little so why not give it a try? I’ll let you know what I think.

3.Kodiak Cakes Power cakes! I have been buying Kodiak cake mix for a quick breakfast for my kids. But the “Power” is new. They have added protein in them! The mix has 14 g of whey isolate in it per serving. Anything I can do to get my kids a little more protein in their diet, it’s a win.

4. Marys Crackers! These are my favorite GF crackers. They are made with brown rice, quinoa and seeds. LOVE.

Today I coached this morning and did this workout.

Those halos and those T2T Presses pretty much shot my shoulders to heck.

This workout is cool, because it targets your core in a unfamiliar way. Try it!

After the workout, I came home and made some veggies- peppers, eggs, cucumbers, sweet potatoes and eggs with some grapefruit.


Anyone else eat their grapefruit like a orange?

I taught a boot camp class tonight also.. Which was ROUGH. I split the class into two different groups, for two different 12 minute AMRAPS (As Many Rounds As Possible). They of course killed the workout! Whenever I teach a boot camp class I don’t do the workout with them. I just help with form, encourage and ramble about random life things. Like Bachelor. Okay, not really.


I came home and had a big salad for dinner. I had spinach, broccoli, peppers, cucumbers, 1 whole egg and about 4 oz .of chicken.  Drizzled with Udo’s oil.


Anything new you have tried lately that you LOVE?

What is your favorite type of workout?