Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Welcome to a crime scene


Hope you guys had a great Tuesday!

I had a quick 3 mile run this morning, followed by the GPP workout.

I came home and spent a good amount of time with an old friend.


My plantar fasciitis is giving me a little grief lately.

I have been taking anti inflammatory, icing it by freezing a water bottle and rolling it on the bottom of my foot, rolling it out with a lacrosse ball, and wearing my brace and wrap.

Ugh. Still hurting.

I had one of the fastest runs I’ve had all year today so I’m hoping I can keep it up without it hindering my progress. Marathon is coming up!

I snacked on my favorite Quest bar post workout before heading out to tackle errands. It was warm and melty in my car and was perfect.


I had a group trail run tonight and I chose to have it on a trail I have never done before. It was a different part of the Bonneville shore line trail that I have never done.

We came up on this.


We got there about the same time as the police.. No driver or anything in site. I think I have been watching to much psych cause I immediately started looking for clues.

We left and let the cops do their thing.

Happy National Lefties day to my twinners!


Yep, they are both lefties! Might be cool when they are older because they will be able to hold hands with their boyfriend/girlfriend and eat food at the same time! {They weird things I think about..}

Brent and I are both right handed.. not sure where they got it from. 

Are you a righty or lefty?

** PLEASE read Janethas post today! Our friends daughter relapsed with leukemia and we have a few different things going on to help relieve the financial part and keep Miss Cami company while in the hospital.

Janetha explains everything in her “Kisses for Cami” post.

You can also follow along on Cami as she fights cancer here.