Sunday, August 11, 2013

Running Sick


I personally think that it was a rough week for me regardless of two a day workouts.. something to do with being sick and two busy little kiddos.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

RX+ week ended yesterday morning, the night before we did the last night workout. We played hooverball at the park then played around with some planking afterward.


Here is some of the group that was playing. What a fun night! Hooverball is played on a sad volleyball court with a 4lb weighted ball.

We came home and had a spaghetti dinner! This boy loves his spaghetti.

And this little girl ended up catching the bug…


She was up most the night but by Saturday night she had jumped back into her normal go lucky self!

Saturday I got my 12 mile run done 11 before pump then had to finish the last after teaching body pump. Katie and Melissa joined me for most of the run. It was a rough run for me. I’m still sick and my nose was running faster then my feet and my throat was on fire. I got the time on my feet so I guess that is what matters right?

I usually don’t run when I’m sick but I just did. I felt like I could run, my training plan had 12 and I decided I could get it done. And I did.. eventually.

Running with friends is always fun to run with sick or not.


Do you run when your sick?

Here is what I do if I ….

Have a sore throat? Run

Yak? NO

Cold? eh, depends.

Fever? Run

Allergies? Run

I guess it depends on how I feel overall.

Brent took T to see planes and Bee and I had a girls date and got a mani and pedi.


We spent the rest of the day at the park together!


The weekend ended off on a good note!

What was something good that happened this week?

Do you run when your sick?