Sunday, August 25, 2013

The weekend I never wanted to end.

This weekend we headed up to our family ranch.

I love this place.

4G is non existent and there is no internet.

Its amazing.

It felt good to unplug for the weekend and spend time with my family. All of my sisters and brothers were there and it was the first time all summer we were all together at the same time.

Tanner lined up all his cars as soon as he walked in the door and didn’t waste anytime showing and telling his uncles all about them.


The next morning we spent most of the time outside, four wheeling, mowing the lawn, horseshoes, playing in the sand, swinging and all that jazz.

Bee loved riding with papa, but he could only go “fast”, according to her standards.. like first gear fast..Winking smile


My sisters and step mom and I went to visit the local Crossfit gym in Star Valley. The owners are good friends of our family and were pretty cool. It is a small “box” but the coaches I met were both very knowledgeable and knew there stuff.


Saturday was an open gym day, so we went and did the GPP workout with my sisters, funny that the workout we did was called “water breaker.” My sister, Jess is about 30 weeks pregnant! I modified the workout for her and she finished it without any water breaking.

Afterwards I played around and did some power cleans. All their weights were in kilos so I took my best guess on that one.

I have a fit fam! We had a great time at Star Valley Crossfit.

When we got back to the ranch I took the kids out to the “lake” to put our feet in and kick around. I’m sure nobody knows what cold water is until they take a dip in this water. It is the coldest water, ALL the time! They didn’t seem to mind to much.

We danced and sang songs on the dock for awhile and I got the row boat out to take for a spin.

This place is my favorite place on earth. I don’t know if its just the beautiful atmosphere, or the fact that I have so many great childhood memories here. All I know is, I never wanted to leave.


And I think they didn’t either.



Time on the lake, in the dirt and around the fire.

Sadly, our fire was stormed out, and we ended up taking it back inside once we saw lightning and the wind that came out of nowhere!

Overall, it was a great weekend!

Tell me about your weekend?

What was your favorite childhood vacation?