Monday, August 19, 2013

Silver Lake & Flag Pole Wanna Be’s


Sunday was a perfect day.

Maybe cause I started the day with a run.

Sunday’s are usually my rest day and I I also tend to DRAG on Sundays. If I get a little run in I am a little more productive for the rest of the day! Anyone else?

I talked two to of my friends to take a elephant rock fun run. We headed up early morning and the weather was perfect and it was so peaceful at the top.

When I got home, we did the normal breakfast routine once the kids woke up. Breakfast, bath, etc. Pretty much rush to get out the door in time for church.

We ended up being to late for a meeting, due to emotional stress from my two favorite little people. Sooooo we decided to take the kids up to Silver lake for a walk instead. (It happens…)

Silver lake is a perfect little walk for the family. It’s about a mile trail around a lake. The lake is a popular spot to fish and just sit and enjoy the great outdoors.


Sunday is pretty much the only day we get this guy to ourselves!

The kids had a blast kicking their feet in the water and feeding the “gucks”as Baylee would say.


This is my heaven. I am totally a country girl at heart. Through and through!

It was a great hike! My MIL got the kids a wagon for their birthday and we brought it to break it in. We all had a fun time taking turns steering it around the lake.


These two melt me. They really do LOVE each other and make sure each one is safe and happy. Might be a twin thing. Neither of them will ever smile for the camera anymore though. HA!




We even got to see a bull and cow moose!! They came down for a drink and hung out for awhile. It was fun to sit and watch them for a little while.


After the walk we took the kids home and down for a quick nap then we were off to my parents house for the night to celebrate my brother Jamison! He turned 12!


This kid is awesome. His shirt says “train hard, win easy!” I kind of love it. He is a awesome football player, and his season is just starting! I can’t wait to watch this kid play again!

My brother Parker spent some time with Tanner last night playing catch! 

And whatever this game is? The goal of the game is to get the steel ball to balance on that wood stick its connected to. Parker was whipping out all these crazy tricks with it! I’ll get a video next time. It kind of reminded me of a Yo-yo but cooler.

Banana Cream Chess man cake anyone?

Short bread cookies may be my all time favorite! Growing up my Grandpa used to give us “Sandies” and I always looked forward to it.

Afterwards, my sisters and I were convinced we could “flag pole” our pregnant sister.

And so we did.


Anyone else’s grandparents give you a certain treat when you go over??