Thursday, August 22, 2013

Paddle boardin’


Yesterday, my friend aka soul sister Tara and I rented some paddle boards and hit up the lake pond.

I haven’t paddle boarded since I was in hawaii 3 years ago! We had a blast! We didn’t even fall in once. Which is a big deal. Because..

1. My balance and goof-e-ness takes over some times and..

2. That water would probably give me a incurable disease.

We rented the boards from Gear 30 in Ogden. They cost $20 for 24 hours. Steal of deal if you ask me. (Per board).

After boarding I got my hair done! I’m loving the melt, I went and little blonder this time, but still not super drastic and I love it so far!

I got 13.5 miles out of the 17 that is on my schedule done in just under two hours today. I’ll be sure to squeeze in a few more later. BUT..

Now, I’m all packed up and headed out for the weekend.

Internet connection is sketchy round these parts so I’ll try to touch base at some point. No promises.

Its family time.

Have a great weekend y’all!