Wednesday, August 14, 2013

10 Tips to Run at Night Safely


Tilapia is back in my life.

I used to eat it everyday! I loved it! Then I got sick of it and went back to chicken. Today for lunch, I decided to bring it back!

After having fresh Alaskan salmon and halibut while on a family trip last weekend this was pretty sub-par. But whateve. I’m not going to Alaska anytime soon so I’'ll take what I can get.

Same with this guy! He is an awesome little eater and absolutely loves fish!

My amazingly fit friend brought me in a treat to the gym today! Not only did she whip me up an amazing shake to have post workout she snagged some of my favorite nut butter that I usually just order online!

I absolutely LOVE NUTTZO!

I have a delicious recipe in mind.. Coming to the blog soon!

Alright, back to business.

Running at night

The other day, the only time I had to run was after the kids were down and it was dark out.  Not my first choice but I felt good and wanted to get my run in.

Here are some tips to help you with a night run if needs be, I guess this could go for super early morning runs too!

1. Wear reflective gear: THIS one is awesome and I want it. I need it actually because I ran without one.. {Mine went MIA after a Ragnar.}Even is all fancy with the flashy lights.

2. Headlamp- if your streets are not lit, comes in handy when you come across uneven roads. Maybe that’s just my hood, but tripping on the road will make you look like a running fool. --- Been there, done that.

3. Run on the side of the road not the side walk. LET the cars see you! If you run on the sidewalk and your behind a tree as a car takes a turn… you could be hit. It is better to be off the sidewalk. And if there is predator about to snatch you, they have to go just that much farther.

4. Carry your phone. Except put it on silent. Because it can get annoying while running if you’re a popular peep. {Not me.} Just thinking about you.

5. Face the cars as you run. This puts you in a position you can see cars coming at ya. It also can be great agility training if your up for it. {Just kidding.}

6. I listen to my head phones.. {rebel} Some might say that is not safe.. but music helps me run faster so in a case I get attacked they should just know, I’m blaring “eye of the tiger”. That is if they even catch me.

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7. Don’t take a pre-workout… Your going to bed as soon as you get home. IF you take 200 mg of cafiene that won’t be happening. That is, if you do that sort of thing.

8. Run a familiar route. Example: Your hood.

9. Call a friend. Because running with friends rocks. Also, two+ hot chicks are harder to snag then one.. oh and make sure your friend has a pretty good left hook.

10. Wear light colored clothes or clothes with reflective jazz on it. Pretty much resemble a glow stick. Cool enough, right?

Speaking of running at night.. I still have 4 miles to get in. BUT my head is pounding and I’m going to listen to the trainer in me and take the day off. {Maybe}


Any running tips to add?

If you live in Alaska will you send me some salmon? Thank you.