Monday, August 12, 2013

5 Tips of Tear Care


Happy Monday!

Time to get back to the daily grind! I will admit yet once again, that I love getting back into routine.

Creature of habit, what can I say?

Workout today at GPP was EOPU

Check it out!

Love this workout. Mainly because I have been loving pull ups lately!

75 Pull ups total in this workout!

Everything was going fine and dandy.. TILL. BAM!


It happens…

I haven’t been grooming my calluses as well lately and this is how I pay for it I guess.

I’m smarter then that.. I felt the tingle and I ignored it.. I was on my second to last set so I was confident I could finish the final few pull-ups.


Here are some tips to PREVENT the tear.


1. First thing first. If you feel the tingle STOP! You will tear. See example above.

2. Shave your calluses. Use a pumice stone or a callus shaver. Calluses are hot. I’m actually proud of my calluses. They are living proof of hard work. BUT I do think it is important to wash my hands and I  need to wash the sweat out of my hair at least once a week, and tears take about that long to completely heal if not longer.

3. Use tape. I like this method.

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4. You can try different hand positions or grips on the bar.

5. Head over to a set of rings! Kipping is a little tougher there but it’s easier on your clappers.

NOW, if your totally ignorant and procrastinate hand care, and don’t take the above precautions, and rip yourself a sweet one. Do the following.

1. Immediately clean and disinfect the wound. Chalk is awesome but not an awesome disinfectant. Clean it all off by rinsing your hand through some cold water. Get some Neosporin on it STAT.

2. Invest in some liquid bandage. Band aids do NOT stay on your hands.. you can try but it won’t work. Liquid bandage is your best bet. (I also tend to use super glue if I have a skin flap.) Note: Liquid bandage known as “New Skin” Hurts when applied. Dance around in pain until pain subsides.

“It’s a DEEP BURN!”

3. When you get home soak your hand in warm salt water. This feels totally awesome, in a completely painful way. But it will help speed up the healing process. You have 15 minutes in that painful salt bath. Extra Bonus.. you get a bonus manicure. Winking smile

4. Make an IBU paste: Crush some advil tablets up into a powder, add some drops of water till a paste forms and stick it on the tear. This makes a great topical anesthetic. Takes the sting out!

5. Best advice. Avoid the “Deep burn” all together and follow the first 5 preventative tips! Smile

My neighbor recently had a baby girl and Ive been DYING to go over and snuggle her, but because we got hit with a sickness we avoided them.

Tonight I ran over some dinner and held her for a few minutes. She is perfect. Babies are perfect.

I almost want one.

I brought her and her family over a taco buffet.



Complete with tortillas and lean ground turkey.


They loved the taco bar and we decided it needs to become a weekly deal around our house. Brent and the kids loved it too!

I headed out after to tackle my 6 mile training run and still feeling sick.. but better!


Had 3 miles of gradual up hill and 3 on the way down. It was overall a pretty good run. Running in the dark is not my favorite. Had an average pace of 9:08. Not my fastest.. but I’ll take it considering last week. I have a good feeling this week is going to rock.

I’ll have some tips tomorrow to survive one! Winking smile

Have you ever ripped during pull ups or lifting?

What are your best tips for running at night? {I will include them in my post tomorrow!}

Taco lover?