Monday, August 26, 2013

8 Running Pet Peeves

Happy Monday!

It is always hard to come home from a vacation and get back into the swing of things. I love our routine though. My kids are clockwork when we are home, although this vacation kind of threw them for a loop. Which means they didn’t nap today… But overall it was a good day!

I started the day coaching this workout. Then I tackled it!


The marathon training plan I am following has me doing GPP workouts at 70% volume, but 100% effort. I was feeling the Monday drag today for sure though! I completed the workout in 25:32 with 20 reps of each exercise instead of 25. I did an extra 800m cool down run afterward.

Then later in the day I had a 2 mile run on my marathon training plan. I ran it in 15:24. My plantar fasciitis really hurt during this run and now. It is so weird, one day it is fine and doesn’t effect me at all, then others it kills me. It’s a bi polar injury. Who knows? I spent most of the weekend without shoes, not wearing my brace or compression…. so maybe I wasn’t in recovery mode this weekend..

I’ll be better I promise…

Running Pet Peeves

We all have them. Pet peeves usually are completely up to an individual, what drives one person crazy, another may not even notice. Runners might share a few of these with me though!

1. This can take foreeeeever… Your all ready to go then you realize you still need to “locate satellites.”

Also, under the garmin category—“low battery”

2. Hair on my neck. I have long hair and I can’t stand it on the back of my neck on long runs! It turns into a rats nest mixed with sweat. Ew. I also have to have a BIC band on to hold my hair out of my face!

3. When your running on the treadmill and it has an hour limit and involuntarily gives you a cool down without warning. I’m the person who covers the TM and just tries to get in the zone..(hate TM running). Then it resets all by yourself!

4. The sock slip! I started running in actual running socks a few years ago and haven’t looked back. But when I really slack on laundry then I usually defer to my old sock habit and will experience the sock slip.

You know, when your sock slips under your heel…


Running socks are the way to go!

5. Your running at a great PR pace and BAM. Your shoelace comes untied. I use Lock Laces on my running shoes and love it! Never have a problem anymore!


6. Bubble Gut- Have you ever drank a little to much water or large slurpee (just me?) Before a run and your stomach gut just bounces with every step? Yea, I hate that.

7. Dry lips- When my lips get dry and I get that gross white stuff in the corner of my mouth. I always have to chap up my lips before I go! Natural Ice is my favorite chapstick!



8. Running Belt Bounce- I had a belt that I would put my phone in and it would flab around hitting my lower back and butt with every other step! I now have a Nathan’s belt and LOVE it! I do wish my pocket was a tinch bigger though!

What is your running or gym pet peeve??