Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sometimes Running is hard. Run Anyway.


Optional title: Grocery shopping is fun.

Today I went to Harmons. I have never been to this grocery store.. it’s a little bit out of my way but it may be my new favorite and I’m glad I took time to go out there today. I have heard its amazing but haven’t had the chance to check it out for myself.

I picked up a few items around that I don’t have at my normal grocery store.


I had just got done with my run and was pretty hungry, I found a perfect foods bar and snacked on it on the way home! It was SO good!



Oh, seeds and nuts. I love you.

Harmons also had these Chia squeeze snacks! I used one on a long run awhile back when I got one in my kona kase and loved it! I can’t wait to give this a go for my long run this weekend!

I also found some Only protein! I first heard of ONLY protein at The Gym in City Creek and loved it.

*Side note: Did you know GPP is at City Creek?!

It has great stats and amazing flavor and it mixes well with water when I’m in a bind and can’t make it home to make a shake post workout!

One day I will learn not to take pics in front of the window. Whateve.

Oh, and for all you locals it was buy one get one free too!!! *Go buy this.

I have been looking for an all natural sugar free maple syrup.. BAM. Got it! I haven’t tried it yet so I’ll give ya an update later!


This just looked good and I think it will make a great pair with my chicken!


I actually put a little on my fish today and veggies and it was a win! I also had a sweet potato while my fish was cooking.. if your wondering.

Running is HARD sometimes.

Go RUN anyway.

Today, I had 9 miles on my training plan. I started dreading it last night after my 2 miler, my foot hurt, my legs were tired, I set my alarm for a early wake up and when it went off.. I pushed snooze 7,832 times.

I didn’t want to do it and said I would do it later.

I am the procrastination queen sometimes. I really had no desire to run, wasn’t sure if I even should because of my foot. I even had friends that wanted to run with me today, that I would of jumped at the chance because I LOVE running with them but I didn’t want to hold anyone back in case I had to stop because of my foot. I told them I was skipping it because my foot was hurting. I continued to talk myself out of it but I knew it would just hang over my head and haunt me till I at least tried. Then at about 11:30AM I decided to just run anyway! If I had to stop I had to stop.

My run ended up going surprisingly well. My foot hurt before, the first 3 miles.. then was fine for the remainder of the run. I did 8.39 miles with a 8:15 pace. It was probably the best run I have had in a long time. Not sure what happened, but I finally fell into the zone.

There is a point during marathon training where I just kind of fall out of running. I feel like it’s a chore and I have to “do this” and have “this pace” and I forget why I even LOVE running in the first place. I always start feeling this way right about the “peak”  of training.

Today, I mentally fought that battle the first few miles of the run. I told myself it was just two 4.5 mile runs. This mentally made it a little easier but at every stoplight that I had to stop at I told myself I could just turn around now, and that “X” amount of miles is good enough for the day. When I finally, headed back at my turn around point I got a new kick in my step. I zoned out and just kept running. No stopping till I got there. My mind finally got into the “running zone”! It felt good.

I felt good. As soon as I got back to the gym and laid on the floor I felt accomplished. As the sweat dripped down my forehead into my eyes and my heart rate began to lower I realized that this is why I love running. I love it for the good days, I love feeling my heart beat in my chest. I love conquering something that seemed impossible for the day. I am grateful that I CAN run. I am grateful for my health and my passion for fitness. So.. maybe I didn’t quite finish 9, but its okay! I went a lot further then I anticipated when my foot hit the pavement at the start of it. Plus, I had a boot camp class later that had some sprints that jumped into and added up to 9 and then some for the day, so I got the time on my feet.

Moral of the story.

Just run anyway.

Why do you Run?

What is your favorite Grocery store?