Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Baby food is Fuel.


This morning I started the day off with a quick and light protein shake before heading out on my run.


The twins woke up suuuuper early today, and Brent had plans to go hiking with his brother so I had to push my run till later..

Once I got done wrestling the twins into the bath, pin them down and make them wear clothes instead of pajamas, feed them each their own personal breakfast and locate two pair of shoes that resembled each other…  we headed out to do our weekly grocery shopping.


I haven’t been able to get these two to smile and or look at the camera at the same time foreeeever. I think I finally figured it out. You just can’t tell them to look at you and say cheeeeeese… You have to say, “Look at my big zit and say booga booga chicken poop.”

Worked wonders.

While at the store I found these hanging out! POWER BAR caught on to my “baby food” for fuel thing.


I knew I was onto something. BUT….

Note: Baby food packets are cheaper.

I started using baby food two years ago for races! My stomach has issues with Gels and all that jazz. I used baby food for one of my training runs and felt great! I was hooked. Baby food is easily digestable and contains carbs, and glucose. Which is perfect to help fuel during long runs and races! That and swedish fish…Winking smile

I had an 8 mile run on the schedule today. The fact that I didn’t get started till after 11 made it kind of miserable. It was 92 degrees and after this workout yesterday I was a bit tired. But I got it DONE!

Today’s GPP workout included deadlifts. I LOVE dead lifts and was curious of my 5 rep max so I loaded up a bar and took a video of me pulling 235. I worked my way up to 250! But my camera ran out of memory and cut the lifts out and all you see is my butt walking to the bar. oh well. Dumb iphone 5 memory space… {first world problems}


Why my shorts are hiked up all weird. I don’t know, don’t care.. just go with it. Lifting heavy crap is fun.

Came home and whipped up some diced chicken, green beans and onions with a side of raspberries x 100 and ate a sweet potato while the chicken medley was on the skillet.

Spent the afternoon chasing the kiddos down the street on their bikes, taught pump and now to fold a load or 12 of laundry.

Oh. the. joy.

What do you use for fuel during long runs?

Anyone else run today?

What do you eat pre-run?