Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Scenes

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving surrounded by friends and family.

We had a pretty great Thanksgiving, which started pretty early at GPP. We did a crazy long workout to kick off turkey day. It is probably the single most busy day of the year. We had a great turn out as usual for our “Turkey Burn.”

Janey (my sil), me and my friend Ashley & then me and my friend Lauren.

I love working out with these ladies on the daily.

When I got home I finished preparing a few dishes for our Thanksgiving. This year I was in charge of



  • Cheese and crackers


Here is my obligatory Thanksgiving plate!


We got to have all my brothers with us this Thanksgiving which was awesome. I love these dudes!


My sister Heather and I. We are missing Jessica and her little family, they go to Georgia every year with her in-laws but we got to face time with them during our meal which was fun.

I obviously got the tall gene.




My dad (he had surgery on his eyes, hence the glasses.) Kyller, Heather, me and Brent.

There was plenty of rough housing going around. Leave it to these boys to rile up the twins in a matter of minutes.

Roen slept through most of the day in true baby fashion.


We had a great Thanksgiving!

Now, that it is BLACK Friday and I’m going to scope around the internet for some killer deals. (I opted out of the rush of going out this year. Sleep trumps the deals this year)

Are you a black Friday shopper?

Any good deals that have caught your eye?