Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Take It Down Workout


Good Morning!

This morning I made a quick breakfast and shot out the door to work.

I splurged the other day on some siggi’s yogurt and it didn’t disappoint. It is so creamy and the coconut flavor is light but just perfect. I added some blueberries to it also. I also took an Ezekiel muffin (cinnamon raisin) with almond butter and banana along with my mothers milk tea to go.

I’m starting to get back into the swing of things with working in the morning and trying to time Roens feedings. Last night he slept 9:30 pm till 3:30am!! That has been his longest stretch! I went back to bed for about an hour and then woke up and had to pump before heading to work since he probably would wake up while I was gone and Brent would have to feed him and of course he woke up right as I was leaving.

I coached two classes before heading back home and typing up this post quick before Roe wakes up again to eat. Funny how your life runs around such a tiny human. I love it though!

I am starting to go back to my classes at the other gym I work at next week and made up a few boot camp workouts. Here is 25 minute one for you!

Have fun with it!

I’ll catch ya later! But before I go, here are some cute baby toes

Have a great day!