Monday, November 24, 2014

oh the weekend.

Happy Monday!

You guys! Thanksgiving is this week and I am so excited and we are having Thanksgiving x3 this year! I’m sure by Sunday I will by turkey’d out. I do love it though because we get to spend a little extra time with family, eat delicious food, do the GPP Thanksgiving workout and maybe see a movie.. I only say maybe because I have too many kids now to just simply go see a movie. Unless it is rated G then maybe we can get away with it.

Actually, funny story.. I pretty much did all of that this weekend.

Yes.. I did. We had Thanksgiving with Brent’s dad and family, and I went to a movie. I also taught Body pump for the first time post partum.

That was a big deal.

I didn’t take any pictures at the gym so I snapped a post pump pic of me in my car cause it was a down pour tsunami outside.

Glamorous I know.

{Glamour shots by Deb} -> Napoleon Dynamite anyone?

I was so happy to be back teaching. I had a packed class and after kind of a hectic morning it felt good to be back in my element, and relieving a little stress.

And guess what?! It was hard. I won’t lie.. I used to teach pump and it was really no big deal.. my class is always pretty rough, but I was literally shaking through some tracks! Ha! PHEW. Coming back after having a baby is no walk in the park. 25lbs feels like 40lbs and you probably will be sore for a few days following.

Maybe just me?…. Maybe someone out there is indestructible, but not me. My quads and biceps are probably the most sore.. go figure. Slowly but surely I will gain my strength back. I’m not stressing about bouncing back quick or anything. Just taking it nice and easy.

Baby steps right? -> ha! See what I did there.

Anyway, after the gym Brent took Tanner to a football game and Bee and I stayed home, cleaned the best I could (lucky her) and painted nails. My washer broke this week (It is only a year old!) so I have quite the pile up everywhere and was able to take some loads to my SIL house around the corner.

We even took naps and by “naps” I mean Bee napped and I sat up with Roen as he just stared at me.

Babies should nap, but not this guy. Especially when I really need one.

I was able to shower while he hung out in his swing for 5 minutes and then he was mesmerized by the blow dryer for a little bit.

When the boys got home I headed out with my sisters for a SNO (Sisters Night Out). We don’t get SNO very often but when we do we have a riot. I love these two so much and am lucky to have such amazing sisters. 

We went and saw Hunger Games. It was good, I can’t say it was great cause it didn’t really end and I feel like every movie should just end and not make it drag on and give me anxiety for a full year before they make the sequel to it. Anyone else?

But it was good and I am excited to see the next part! 

Confession: I read the first book. Half the second and none of the third.

Sunday we had our first Thanksgiving with Brent’s dad and family. The spread was pretty great and I tried a little bit of everything and snapped this pic as I was getting my food. Blogger Fail. Don’t hate me.

When we came home last night we decorated the tree. The twins did most of the work and had a blast! They LOVE Christmas and everything that goes along with it. It was cute to hear them singing Christmas carols as they decorated the tree.

This morning I headed to GPP and coached then did my first workout at GPP post partum.

It was more of a lifting workout with isolation movements. I used lighter weight then what was RX but still felt the burn!

I have a date tonight with Brent to go to a Jazz game! I love going to the basketball games and when Brent’s mom offered us her tickets AND to watch the kids we just couldn’t pass that up.

I can’t wait!

Tell me THREE things about your weekend!