Wednesday, November 26, 2014

First Date And A New Treat

I can’t believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving!

I feel like ever since I had Roen time has flown! Isn’t it weird when your pregnant time seems to go by so slow and afterwards it feels as if you just blinked and a month has gone by?

Adjusting to a family of 5 has been just that. I total adjustment. It has been a good adjustment though. One thing that seems to fall to the wayside after you have kids is date nights!

Brent’s mom has season tickets to the Utah Jazz games and she knows I am a huge fan. She offered to watch our kids for us while we went to the game for a few hours.

I got ready and curled my hair and had the best time with Brent. The game was a nail biter but unfortunately we lost by one basket! I love the games that go back and forth till the buzzer.


This morning I had a quick breakfast before heading out to work. I love having a little salty and a little sweet for breakfast. The Ezekiel cinnamon raisin english muffins are my absolute favorite. I smeared some almond butter with some banana and the other with two runny eggs.

I did the workout in between coaching classes. You think I would be used to running with an additional 10 lbs. but this was hard for me. Especially the over head! My first week working out and I am sore! I guess that is expected.




Yesterday while I was out running errands I snagged up this bag at costco. It was a total impulse buy but completely worth it!


They have these nuts at Trader Joes and they are one of my favorite treats so I had to grab a bag!

This combo is a winner!


This guy is starting to smile! I have yet to be fast enough to catch that big grin on camera..

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Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!

We have a big turkey burn planned tomorrow at GPP, then it will be off to my dad’s later for Thanksgiving and then we have another that night at Brent’s moms house! I am excited for a little family time and delicious food!

What are your plans for turkey day?

What is your favorite dish at Thanksgiving?