Thursday, November 13, 2014

Baby, It’s cold outside & A Braid tutorial

It snowed today.

{I took pictures today, but my phone is being a little brat and won’t connect to my computer.}

Our perfect fall is over.

Naturally, we stayed inside all morning, drinking hot chocolate, talking about Daniel tigers neighborhood and Christmas while eating our breakfast.

Of course after hanging out in bed for a little while.

I cherish these moments with my children. If you have ever had a conversation with a four year old or two in my case it can lead to the most interesting topics. For example:

Tanner informed me that all the turkeys names are Tim and even sang a song for me.

Baylee has LOTS of ideas. I’m actually still trying to figure most of them out but one idea came out pretty clear. She wanted cookies at 10 AM.

Who am I to say no to that?


A few days ago, I posted this picture on instagram. I have never been very good at braids…in fact, I’m embarrassingly bad at them… but when your nursing at 3 am and your sick of netflix you might start watching hair tutorials on you tube. Heck, I even posted a curl tutorial the other day.  Anyway, when it comes time to get ready for the day, you get the grand idea that maybe you should give that braid you watched be done in the middle of the night and whip it out on your mop.


I even did it on my first try.

Small miracle.

Baylee saw it and got so excited and wanted her hair just like mine.

I started over twice on her hair but we ended up twinners.

I watched THIS tutorial but didn’t combine the rest of my hair and just went down the side. Baby steps folks. PS. -> All of her braids are pretty much amazing.

I also got asked what my lip gloss I was wearing.



This is my favorite combo as of late.

What is your favorite lip stick?

Are you a snow lover?