Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Favorites and A Hair Tutorial

Happy Friday!

Somebody is happy!! Oh, and is ONE month old today! I can’t stand it. I tell you, time goes by much faster when they are out of belly then when they were in..

Roen is my number one favorite thing this Friday because he gave me this little smile yesterday as we were chatting about our afternoon and his favorite milk

Walks Outside!

The weather is warm enough still to take our workout outside! Roen loves being in his stroller, for those of you who have asked what stroller this is it is the Graco Travel System and so far I have loved it too!

Smoothies have been a staple in my diet lately because I can cram a lot of healthy nursing calories in one cup. Trying to eat while nursing has proven to be a little difficult. Heck, making any kind of meal has been hard. Shakes are quick and easy!


Mizuno Waverider 18’s!


I did a review on these shoes not to long ago but I have to just tell you again how much I love them! They were made for my feet, I’m sure of it.

Jif Whips


These were a total impulse buy at Target a last week and I can’t keep my fingers out of them! They are delicious! I love both flavors, pumpkin pie spice and maple brown sugar!

I received an email asking for a hair tutorial!

I know, I was just as shocked as you were. I feel like I hardly ever do my hair.. I rock the mom pony more than I like to admit.. but I do like to get ready every now and then, especially lately since I’m not sweating my face off everyday.

First I want to let you know that I am no hair professional. I use probably the most affordable stuff in town and I keep it simple. I also probably don’t do it right at all. In fact, I’m sure my hair stylist will laugh when she reads this.


I actually like to curl my hair when it is a little dirty. I have the thickest hair ever, and it seems to hold longer when I do the curls after a few days of wear.

I have to curl my hair in layers starting with the bottom up.

I spray each strand of hair before curling it. I use aussie hair spray, it totally reminds me of high school cause lets just say I have used this since high school and I think it smells pretty amazing.


I curl my hair backwards with the curling iron from the front. I don’t curl it all the way to the top of the root, I stop about an inch or two from my scalp.


Afterward I comb my fingers through  it too loosen up the curls a bit and that gives it a loose natural curl.



What is your all time favorite hair product?

I love Biologe shampoo and conditioner and morraccon oil! I couldn’t tame my hair without it!