Wednesday, November 5, 2014

An At Home Workout and Daily Happenings.

Good Morning!

It has been a lazy morning around here. We had a crazy night with the little man, I am sure Roen is going through a growth spurt right now. Baylee also decided to try and join us in bed last night and gave us a bit of a fight for taking her back to her own bed.

I am hoping I will be able to catch a nap at some point today while the twins are in Preschool.


My go to breakfast this week has been simple and quick. Roen wakes up to eat at 3 then at 6 and at 9.. Baylee and Tanner wake up about 7-7:30 so sometimes I don’t get  to my own breakfast till like 10.. Life with a newborn and two four year olds is a little hectic in the morning and I’m already starting to worry about how I am going to jump back into a routine once my maternity leave is over. I’m hoping once Roen starts getting a bit longer stretch of sleep at night it will seem more doable.


After breakfast today we dropped Tanner and Baylee off at a friends house and headed to meet my new niece! Brent’s sister had her on Monday.


She is perfect. It is so fun to have so many babies close together! (We have one more niece coming in just 8 weeks!)

Roen was excited to meet her too. 

They both slept right through introductions but we know they will be best friends growing up.


When I got home I reheated some of the dinner from Brent’s' Birthday and ate it while nursing Roen.

I am getting better at multitasking while nursing. Although Roen might end up with a few food stains on his shirt already at the ripe age of 3 weeks.

I didn’t get a chance to go for our walk yesterday, but I did make up this workout that uses absolutely NO equipment which will make it really easy to get it done at home. No gym required.

These workouts will be super helpful for me when I get back into the whole working out scene. Being a new mom it is hard to find time when you often feel strapped down and home bound the first few months. Quick and effective workouts work!

Give this one a go when your tight on time.

I was even thinking instead of the mile run, you can just make it a sprint around the block! Either way it will be about a 20 minute workout for you. 

I spent my quiet afternoon snuggling with this guy after lunch. I am really loving enjoying my time with this guy. They are only this small for so long, and I am sucking every single moment up like this.

My Nephew Turns ONE!

Last night was my sisters little boy’s FIRST Birthday party! He is such a stud. I can’t believe he is already ONE!

Jessica did an amazing job with his party. Everything was pinterest perfect down to every little detail.

She had an safari animal theme, because he loves lions and all animals really. He really got into his cake and enjoyed every lick of that vanilla frosting off the top.

Jessica had posted these cute little updates of him on Instagram and printed them and hung them up. I love this idea and may steal it and do it with Roen!

How cute are they?!

She had chilli bar set up for us along with , vegetables, peanut butter bars,and chocolate cupcakes. I was in charge of making breadsticks in which turned out to be a complete pinterest fail..they actually worked but took longer to raise than I thought ,so I ended up buying rolls at a grocery store and baking my homemade breadsticks when I got home from the party.

One more of the Birthday boy because he was just too darn cute with his lion.

Happy Birthday little man.

Have a great day!