Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter Wonderland


Yesterday went by just like any other Monday, except with a date night in the mix.

I woke up early and headed into work, it was such a warm day.


That says ZERO degrees… Roads were frozen. It was a sketchy drive into work.

It’s official.. I live in Antarctica.

I did GPP’s Workout today and it kicked my butt!


Taught a boot camp class, I’ll have that workout up tomorrow.

Afternoon was filled with “things to do” around the house.

I took a break for a quick Chicken Taco for lunch.


Brent and I scored Jazz tickets, I got a babysitter so we had an improptu date night!


Do you think this screen is big enough?


It was a fun game, but they lost in the end.. they haven’t had the best season.. but at least I got to see some of my friends dance. I miss performing sometimes..


It was a great night anyway!

Tell me about your workout today?