Thursday, December 5, 2013

No Girls Allowed and a New PR!


This one time my sister and our kids went to Chipotle with 500 stranger males…

We were literally the only estrogen in the room. It was pretty funny. We felt like there was a NO girls allowed rule we weren’t aware of…

I got a huge chicken salad that was amazing! I love chipotle.. it may beat out my café rio love.. Although, I think it is a little more pricey.. It is worth it!


Any restaurant that gives me a mountain of guac is grade A in my book!

My breakfast has been the same as of late.. and if I don’t have it for breakfast, I have it at some other point in the day.


Weird Combo… PB2 + eggs and cinnamon.. on top of an Ezekiel muffin is pretty bomb.

Don’t knock it till you try it.

Yesterday my workout was about 45 minutes of a body combat class and a little shoulder shaping.

Today I did this unique ab working at GPP




Seems like an upper body shaper.. and it is, but it as a crazy effect on your core without one sit up!

I also did some Bench Press and go a new PR! I finally broke 100!! My first set was #95 then #105 and my last was #115!! Yay!! I have been trying to break #100 for a few weeks! Love getting those PR’s!

We finally got all of our tree lights on and working properly..



I love Christmas trees.. I think everyone needs to post their tree via instagram.. It is like the festival of trees via insta.

I have some brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes roasting in the oven, I’m off to finish dinner prep then it is off to bed! I have an early alarm set tomorrow..

What time are you getting up tomorrow?

Café rio? or Chipotle?