Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve

I hope you are all enjoying Christmas eve today! Step away from the computer and spending time with your friends and family.

I just wanted to swing in really quick and tell you all how important you are to me. Thank you for being so supportive of this little blog. Each comment really means the world to me.


Merry Christmas you filthy animals.

This morning we got our workout in at GPP! The Christmas Eve workout at GPP is one of my favorites of the year!

12 workouts of Christmas!

It was especially fun today because my SIL’s and BIL all came and worked out with us. Kenny and Lori is who we visted in Boston a few months ago and Janey is practically my neighbor. She has been coming to GPP for the last year or so. Working out with the fam is fun! 



We had Christmas with my FIL and his wife. Here is a pic of the chaos with Santa!!


I of course have to post this pic of my nephew that my sister sent me this morning.


If you have a newborn, stick them in a stocking. It is the cutest thing ever. Yes?

Merry Christmas to all!