Sunday, December 22, 2013

Getting Swole and Having Fun


Happy Weekend! I hope you are all having a great weekend so far! I procrastinated some shopping so spent most of Friday shopping and will have to venture back out to wrap it all up on Monday.

It is a proven fact I can’t buy stocking stuffers and not use or eat them till Christmas.. I think I’ve bought stuff twice already.. oops.

Friday, I started my morning at work and got my workout in afterward. This workout at GPP was HARD. It involved power cleans and jerks. My two favorite Olympic movements. Sometimes I think, if I wasn’t such a lover of running I could compete in lifting competitions. Well, after a lot more focus and practice.

After the workout, I wanted to see if I could break my PR for the jerk. I put on #145 and I failed twice, I was about to call it a day and my trainer just told me to walk away and take a good break before trying it again. I was pretty tired after doing 30 jerks with #115, 30 power cleans, and 30 power clean and jerks…

This is #115 jerks. 

When I came back to the bar. I got #145 up!

No pic.. because I hate to inconvenience people to take a picture, and I seem to not get it when I know people are watching. 

After the GPP workout I went to get a few miles in on the treadmill in the cardio cinema while the twins were in preschool.


I only had time for 4 miles because I had a lunch date with a friend that I haven’t seen forever! We went to plates and palates, I got my normal shrimp and spinach salad! I really don’t think you can go wrong with anything there! Everything is really good!


When I picked up the kids we came home and had craft time. I love doing craft time with my kids and they seem to really enjoy and learn from it. Although, it can get really messy sometimes I know that they love it so it makes the time cleaning up worth it.


Unfortunately, Tanner had caught a fever and we spent the rest of the night cuddling on the couch. I hate when my kids get sick.. It is so sad, but Tanner is one tough sick kid. Every time we asked if he was okay, he said he was okay. What a stud. 

Saturday, I taught a pump class and ran 3 miles on the treadmill. I am SO sore from Friday,my back was literally swollen.. and pump about killed me. Ha! I was hoping to get 5 miles in, but I knew when I started I wasn’t going to finish. My body was tired and sore, I finished 3 barely… and got out of the gym.

It has been snowing here non-stop! I love having a white Christmas! Just not loving all the slick roads..

We had my extended side of the Hale family party on Saturday, Tanner still wasn’t feeling well so Brent went first for the dinner and I went to the second half… aka the fun half.

Buddy the elf was there to play games (my dad).


My dad has dressed up as buddy the last couple of years and puts on quite the show. I love that man.  He always has some fun games up his sleeve too.


This game my uncles wore reindeer antlers and had a stick in their mouth with a string and red ball on the end. The objective of the game was to flip the ball and get it to stick to your nose, that was covered with vaseline without using your hands. It was pretty funny to watch all of them try and do it!


The second game, my cousins had to assemble the nerf guns and shoot ornaments off tables.


Another game was the classic panty hose game.. There are balls on the end of each leg of the panty hose and you had to put them over your head and swing it back and forth. First one to knock over the bottles wins! My brother Jamison won!

After games, it was time for SANTA!


Bee was pretty excited about it! It is pretty fun to see all the kids sitting in front of santa. Most of the kids are all grandkids kids! We are definatley growing quickly each year!

I love that my family is so close and so supportive of each other.

My Aunt had set up a fun “photo booth” with costumes and we all could dress up and take a photo op.

I had some fun with my sisters and brothers.



What a fun party!

We have one of Brent’s parties today too!

I love Christmas, I want this time to slow down because I feel like it ends to quickly! We are going to soak in all the time I have with family this week.

What are your Christmas traditions?

Do you run in the snow or “hibernate.” ?