Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Oh Baby!


We did a new workout at GPP today..

I am going to feel this tomorrow!

Monster Complex?

Oh BABY! Monster kicked my butt!

After the workout, I headed to hang out with my new nephew! My sister let me watch him for a little bit and I loved it! I haven’t had a newborn or two for three years so it was interesting to have all 3 kiddos. Everything went really well.


Baylee was so excited to feed him. She did a really good job too!


And the best part of a newborn…


I haven’t posted any food lately, mainly because I came to the conclusion that my food resembles a hot homeless mess that really needs a bath.

I had oatmeal+egg whites+flax seed+chia seeds+ chocolate protein powder and cinnamon. I’ll let you use your imagination on that one..

I eat shiz like that for breakfast.

Ended the night with Body Combat and hanging out with my friends puppy! She just got a pug and the kids were head over heels for it. My phone died so I didn’t get any pics.. womp, womp.


Tell me about your workout today?

Best thing about babies? GO!