Saturday, December 14, 2013

Whoop, there it goes.


Hey guys! I haven’t posted since Monday! A whole week went by! It has been a crazy one though, and my computers space bar is broken… so I hijacked my husbands laptop because I didn’t want my post tobeallinhashtagform.

Tuesday: I did this GPP workout- which my traps are STILL sore from! We had to do 5 sets of 5 overhead presses and walk 15 steps forward and 15 steps back, and 5 sets of deadlifts the same way. I was able to PR this workout with a #120 for the overheads and #245 for the deads.

Wednesday: I did GPP’s workout which included CARTWHEELS.. (been awhile..) followed by the GPP shaping bias. We had our GPP girls night out on Wednesday night.


Love all these girls! We had a great time eating pizza and talking. I always think its fun to see everyone all dressed up and not in spandex with sweat dripping off their faces. Winking smile

Thursday: I was AB day at GPP so I did that workout plus a fun treadmill workout. Winter running is hard for me, it has been less then 20 10 degrees every morning and my runs have been on the treadmill. I get bored running so I love to mix it up a little!


This workout is fast and I was able to work up quite a sweat!

I went to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert in Salt Lake, that night with my friend Allie. It was an amazing show! One of our members at GPP performs with the choir so its fun to see her do her thing.


The important part of this pic is in front of that guys head.. Winking smile

Friday: I did Oliver sprints in the morning, followed by shaping bias and an easy 3 mile run.


Brent and I were able to go see The Hobbit yesterday with one of the companies he works for. I didn’t watch the first Hobbit, and/or any of the Lord of the rings.. SO I had no idea what was up and those shows just aren’t my favorite.


Took half of a Body combat class, taught pump and ran two miles.. my legs were so tired from pump, I called it a day after two. Just couldn’t shake it. So I decided to grab a shake from the gym and head home. We have lots of shopping and cleaning to do then we are taking the kids to see the reindeer and hang out with friends afterwards!


Protein shake cheers to the weekend!

When is the last time you did a CARTWHEEL?