Friday, November 12, 2010

Pregnancy workout!

{Week of workouts for the preggers!!}

Be sure to check with your Dr. before beginning any workout program Pregnant or not. But preggers.. always keep in mind the child growing inside of you. LISTEN to your body. Working out while pregnant is SO important and can lead to a healthy pregnancy and easy delivery. However, Do not work yourself to exhaustion. Always be sure you may always carry on a conversation, if you cannot speak while doing your reps/cardio then just tone it down a little.
AGAIN, it is your body.. Listen to it!

Day 1: Upper body + 25 min cardio
Warm up 5 min. easy/moderate cardio of choice
Circuit 1:
Overhead press 10lbs-15lbs  (3rd trimester, do this seated)
Dips (with bent legs) the more your legs are bent the easier it is. To make it harder straighten your legs and keep your rear close to the bench/chair your dippin ;)
incline chest press  30-40 lbs X 12reps - 3 sets. Do NOT lay flat while working out when pregnant. Always use an incline.
Cardio- Go for about 10 minutes- stair climber!! (watch your heart rate!)
Circuit 2:
Bent-over rows  25-30 lbs X12 reps 3 sets
Dead Lifts 50-60 lbs X12 3 sets
Alternating Bicep curl 10-15lbs 25 X
Cardio- Treadmill speed 4.0-5.0 speed walk or a light jog. Continue for 10 minutes (watch your heart rate)
Circuit 3:
 Lateral raise- Take plates/dumbells 8-10 lbs and keep arms at 90 degrees and rise up to shoulder heighth and return. 12X 3 sets.
Rear delt raise- 8-10lbs you can use dumbells or X12Reps 3 sets
Chest fly- standing bend slightly over, like your peeking over the edge of something, starting position with dumbells in hand, bent slightly over, and rraise up squeezing your shoulder blades together @ the top.
10 minutes of cardio: elliptical, stairclimber or treadmill.. Pick your poison.
Stretch!!! Do not skip the stretch! Cool.
Day 2: Cardio
Depending how you feel. Walk, light jog, elliptical or even take a class at your local gym. Be sure to watch your heartrate.. if you feel good keep it up. Just make sure to listen to your body.. or baby.. ;)
Day 3: OFF (or walk/light yoga)
Day 4: Lower Body +25 min cardio
5 min warm-up (cardio of choice)
Circuit 1:
Plie squats you may use wieght if your in your 1st trimester.. 3rd trimester.. you got your weight right in front of you! ;)
Lunge Plates are an option, 25 down, 25 back ;) (again, 3rd trimester. No weight) 2x
calf raises : Stand on a stair and let your heels drop down and press up rising while holding on to a bar for balance.
5 min cardio (moderate intensity) machine of your choice.
Circuit 2:
Wall squats (hold in the squat position for 30-45 seconds)
Cable kickback (or you can use a resistance band)
15 minutes cardio: 10 minutes of hills, 5 minute cool down
Day 5: Cardio (30-45 min, depending on how you feel and intensity)
Use any machine of your choice or a class at your local gym.

Day 6: Yoga (30 min to an hour, depending on the intensity)
I just bought a prenatal yoga video at my local sams club, because I didn't have a prenatal yoga class in my area.

Day 7: OFF