Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fat Blasting Recipe

Hey everyone!! Its been crazy busy around here.. uh. imagine that?! Well, I found a new recipe!

{Spinach and Cranberry Stuffed Chicken Breast}

You will need:
1 cup of low-fat ricotta cheese
2 Cups chopped raw spinach
1 1/3 C. dried cranberries
sea salt to taste
4 skinless boneless chicken breast
1 Cup of quinoa
1C water
1C low sodium chicken broth

1. Preheat oven to 350

2. in a bowl, combine ricotta, spinach and cranberries, and salt to taste. Using a sharp knife, cut a small slit in each chicken breast, wiggling it around inside to create a pocket that runs the lenght of the breast. Stuff 1/4 of hte ricotta mixture into each breast.

3. Meanwhile. combine quinoa, water and broth in a 9 by 13 glass baking dish, then place chicken on top, bake in oven until chicken is cooked for about 1 hour.

Calories 380 fat 9 g
sat 2. carbs 39 protein 37!

Pics to come! 
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  1. I don't eat chicken anymore, but I bet someone in my family would love this recipe!! I was sampling cranberry sauce at Trader Joe's today..it was so yummy!

  2. You're recipes are the BOMB, Candice!!! Love them! You must be looking amazing if you're eating this well! :) Love reading your blog.