Saturday, November 13, 2010

intimidation and strength

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday!! Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend thus far! So I have skipped a few dinners on the blog lately.. So here is a what I made the other night

Sprout a Chicken

You will need:

Olive Oil
Chicken Breast
Mrs. Dash 
Kens Asian dressing
Fresh Sprouts.

(sorry sideways)
1. Marinate your chicken breast (on sale at Sams club for $1.99 a pound FYI) in Kens Asian sesame dressing. 4-5 hours prior. Just in a little plastic Ziploc.

2. Pre-heat oven 375. Cut Sprouts. I cut off the butt of the squats and then half them. Line your cookie sheet with tin foil and place the sprouts across the sheet.

3. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with Mrs. Dash. (or any seasonings that tickle your tongue). Place in oven and bake for 25-30 min. I like mine a bit crunchy, so cook longer if you prefer squishy sprouts.

4. Grill your chicken. I chose to pull George out.. George is always there to help out when its to chilly to grill outside.. Meet George-->

When it was all done this is what I was left with.. and decided to have some carrot/zuchinni bread with walnuts that I got from my aunt. She is a Gem, and it was the perfect with the meal.

Last night we had a shower for my lil' sis, who is getting married NEXT Thursday! Here is a few pics from the night!

My sister Heather & I. She is already hitched..

Playin in the elevator with the bride to be.. and the twinners..

Look who decided to hold her bottle all by herself!! Yay baby bee!

Dessert: Fruit tart. Made by Normadys in SLC. I ate the fruit on top and then the bottom disappeared as well :)

Meet Rocco. My aunts lil pup. He is so funny.. This is him being acting pathetic So you will give him some of your tart.. 

lil' sis got some CUTE gifts! I love showers! 


Today I taught Body pump & had a 2nd 20 min sweat sesh on the dreadmill.
30 sec sprints for 20 minutes.
kicked my trashola..
Came home to reward myself with a pumpkin shake
tis the season
Bright picture.. sorry.

Thanks to my daddy for watching my babies and feeding, burping, changing & bathing them!
Not to mention when I got home he even mowed my lawn!!
what a guy.
Love you DADDY!

Okay, now onto the title of the day.


There will always be a time in our life when we feel intimidated & weak, Believe me, I have been there. 
multiple times.

I have had the conversation several times with multiple people that they don't like to go to the gym because it is intimidating. Yes. I totally agree. 

The gym is full of jocks, women strutting around in sport bras, strong men. etc.

You name it.. the gyms got it.

Even when I teach every week I feel intimidated at times. I'm the one instructing but yet the lady standing in front of me has twice as much weight on her bar. (Yes, Marcy. I'm talking about you;)) I consider myself to be lifting heavy but she is always is heavier if not the same. That is awesome.
 It gives me a new challenge. 

Maybe your intimidated to just even go to the gym to get on the treadmill
Maybe your nervous you will run into someone you haven't seen in a long time
Maybe your worried what other people are going to think about you 
You haven't been to the gym forever and don't know where to begin.
You have never been to that certain group fitness class, have heard its a good one but just don't have the guts to go in and join?

Whatever your reason is, we have all been there, we have all felt inadequate to those around us at some time or another in our lives. 
So How do we get over this intimidation? How do we find the Strength to stand up and do something?

My tough love answer.
You just have to do it. 

but to make it easier try this.

1. Take a friend, sister, sister-in law. Its always easier when you have someone with you that you can talk to. Some of my favorite workouts are the ones I do with my sisters.

2. Go with a plan! Make a list of areas you want improve for example, your endurance/strength, your arms, glutes. etc. Write down what workouts you want to do. For example, bicep curls, squats, pull ups, box jumps. And hit the gym  

The ONLY thing to it, is to DO IT!

3. Take a gym schedule and plan which class you want to go to. Arrive a few minutes early and just visit with the instructor for a few minutes, let him/her know this is your first time and ask for a basic instruction to the class. What to expect, What do they recommend you do for the first class. And Start it and Finish it.

4. Don't worry about anyone around you. Everyone one is there for the same reason and I promise they aren't going to judge you. Usually they are to busy worrying about themselves anyway. 

5. Make a new friend. If your in class say hi to someone before it starts, give a quick intro about yourself and maybe a quick compliment to that person. Like, "hey, I love your shoes"  It just takes a little comment to start a convo. And before you know it you will recognize several people throughout the gym. Some of my best friends I met at the gym. And we all lean on each other for help and support to be the BEST we can be. 

Hope this helps answer those doubts we all have.
There is always going to be someone there that is skinnier, fitter, can lift heavier, run faster. But Don't let that stop you!  
You can do it, I believe in every single one of you. 
To each their own, Do what makes you happy and never give up on your goals!


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  1. Hey! It's Lisa, Christy's daughter in your parent's ward. I've been quietly stalking this blog for a while, just because I love all the healthy fun stuff you post! Is that fruit tart from Normadys or Gourmandise? Haha I was gonna say I'm pretty sure I've seen that before... (we've been loyal customers for as long as I've been alive!) Gotta say, it's pretty delish!
    Hope your babies are doing well!