Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fish and Fat With a side of GI

Hey everyone! hope your having a good Tuesday!!
I woke up early and enjoyed a breakfast cookie! Its been awhile so it was fabulous to wake up to.
Who doesn't want a cookie for breakfast

I also whipped up 5 egg whites with peppers for protein
I cooked my peppers for a little bit, while I separated the yolks from the whites ;)

Maybe I should just STOP taking photos the long way.. I can never get them to flip.
Through it on my plate after I ate my cookie.. dessert first?.. yep.
I added a little avocado on top also. 
I missed that fat.

Workout was at GPP

3 sets of each:
5 BB bent rows AHAP
10 BB skull crushers AHAP
15 toes to bar
max rep DB pushups (pushups on a DB for incr ROM)
Complete all 3 rounds of an exercise before moving to the next.
Take as much rest as needed between each exercise. 

Afterwards I headed over to the gym to get a little treadmill run in but that lasted all but 5 minutes.. I was hunted down by the daycare.. B had a blowout.. So I just packed up and headed home to change her.. called it good for the day.
Once I got the babies happy and poop free I sat down and enjoyed another Almond Joy shake during tummy time ;)
T looked like he wanted one too

Laundry, dishes, mom stuff. 
it was time for lunch!

Tilapia and green beans.. I also had a apple while the tilapia was baking


sidenote: I buy my fish & chicken fresh then freeze. Its just better that way. 
Spread with olive oil and sprinkle with lemon Pepper
bake @ 350 for 20 minutes

I missed this fish. Its been a long time since I had it. Salmon is still my #1 but I like it cause it isn't really fishy tasting and is packed with 30 + grams of Protein!

{Fat Loss}

Okay, Ladies, Today I am going to explain fat loss. Where is the most common frustrating areas where fat likes to "stick" Well.. lets face it. Butt, Thighs, back of our arms and we can't forget the famous "love handle" area. There are SO many factors in fat but I'm not going to get into all the details but just the jiggly facts.

Simply, some areas of the body have more receptors that block fat breakdown than receptors that increase fat breakdown. Such as the butt, thighs, back of your arms and love handle area.

So whats the best way to lose it?

3 things.

Healthy lifestyle (aka diet) 
Weight Training

I know. Not the easy answer you were hoping for.. 

The Lifestyle.

Calorie Control
You have to watch your calories.. Don't know how much is too much?
The biggest factor is calories in vs calories burned.. If you eat to much your going to gain fat and if you eat to little your not going to produce that lean muscle look you want. 

So how do you do that?

Make sure you get your whole grains, fresh produce, and PROTEIN

Protein is the #1 thing that women forget about in there diet.
It is so important to get enough protein to encourage fat loss and lean muscle. 
So set up a target calorie intake. 
Best way to stick with it is to write down everything you eat.
I kept  a food journal for about 3 days just to get an idea and it was just ridiculous how much I just snacked.. a handful of this and a little piece of that.. etc. and I wasn't getting nearly enough protein.

How much protein do women need?
Thats easy to figure out. How much do you weigh? 
That is how many grams of protein that you need
for example.
if you weigh 140 lbs
you need 140 grams of protein each day.

will help you find out how much protein, fats and carbs you need per day.

Insulin Control

Insulin is the "storage" hormone. When it is secreted fat burning is staled 
You can keep your insulin in control and decrease fat by eating low GI carbs. It will stablize your blood sugar and improve your energy, mood and your attitude. By consuming these it will lead to leaner muscle gain and little to no fat gain.

Eating high-glycemic carbohydrates (ones that turn to sugary quickly) will hinder the fat burning process and will decrease energy levels. Here's why: When you eat high-glycemic carbs, your blood sugar levels soar ; when this happens your pancreas produces insulin. One of the roles of insulin is to keep your blood sugar levels regulated -but its also a storage hormone. When your sugars go up, your body produces the storage hormone to clear the excess sugars. Those sugars end up in fatty tissue. Ultimately, your gaining fat, because internally, your telling your body to store.
here's how it relates to energy levels: When you overproduce insulin, you clear the sugars out of your blood-the end result is that you are now hypoglycemic. What does that mean? Blood sugar levels are lower than they should be, "you crash" or get lethargic, and now your body craves sugars. So what next? You end up overeating , and the cycle continues
By switching to low-glycemic carbs, the energy release is gradual and long lasting which is ideal for athletes, you do not tax your pancreas, you do not over-produce a storage hormone, you feel better and you're in a better position to lose weight or more accurately, burn body fat.

Here is a list of foods that are low on the GI 
multigrain bread- 48
converted rice -47
spaghetti, white -41
ravioli, meat filled-39
spaghetti, whole wheat- 37
spaghetti, protein enriched-27
barley  -25
banana -53
kiwi fruit-53
grapes -52
canned peach 47
orange -43
blueberries -40
pear -36
apple -36
dried apricots- 30
sweet potatoes-54
green peas-48
green beans-15
spinach -15
tomatoes- 15
artichoke -15
celery -15
cucumber -15
lettuce -15
baked Beans-48
Haricot Beans-38
Chick peas-33
Butter beans-31
Kidney Beans-27

{Healthy fats BURN FAT}
    Essential fatty acids are so important in a healthy diet. Eating fats does not equate to getting fat. In fact, most EFAs help support the fat burning process and getting a lean body. Do not be scared to eat good fats. EFAs are not the enemy.
Healthy Fat Foods
flax seed
olive oil
sesame oil
 pistachio nuts, 
 macadamia nuts.

I hope this helps, those who have asked me what is the best way to lose fat. Its not easy and struggle we all deal with. But it is possible to overcome and you CAN do it. Its just about becoming informed and following through with a plan. ;)

Nobody is perfect, but everyone is worthwhile. Believe in yourself!!


  1. ok, so these are probably way dumb questions, but 1-how do you make that oatmeal cookie? 2- can you buy almond milk at any store and where do you find it? I want to try that almond joy shake...oh and the elite protein stuff where do you get that?? Thanks for your meals and tips on here. I really appreciate it. I have been counting my calories in a journal and I really want to get this last 15 pounds off!

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