Thursday, November 4, 2010

Birthday lasagna!

I'm BAAAAAACK.. Thanks to the qwest man for coming to get our internet up and running again.. (seriously... I have felt so weird without it..) Anyone else ever feel that way? kind of like when you leave your cell phone at home.. Anyway!! I have missed a lot of meals and theres just to many to catch up on for the blog.. so we are going to back up just a little.

Welcome NOVEMBER!!
where did October go.. ?
pumpkin, comforting.. home cooked meals..coming your way along with the
Beginning of the Holiday rush.
This month I'am going to list one thing EACH day what I am thankful for 

Today, I am thankful for the internet.

This week we celebrated this handsome mans birthday!

MR. B is now 25.. and hotter then ever.

(He just got back from riding his dirt bike.. hence the fashion statement ;)

That is an ice cream cake folks. and the bottom of it was pure candy.. butterfingers, m&ms.. snickers..etc.
Sugar overload.. and you guessed it.. I passed. #1.. lactose.. #2. sugar coma.. it would make me sick more then I would actually enjoy it.. haha.. I opted for a nice thick chocolate Protein shake... haha.

The Birthday Boy decided for his Birthday dinner he wanted


Disclaimer: I swear I never make the same lasagna.. But this is what it layered out to be..


Whole wheat lasagna noodles
RAGU (tomato sauce)
Lean Ground Turkey
 Fat free Ricotta cheese or cottage (i used ricotta this time)
olive oil
sweet onion
broccoli slaw
1 clove of garlic.
Low fat Mozzarella cheese/cheddar (Goat cheese is fab also)

#1 Boil a large pan of water and add your noodles

#2 chop your veggies and garlic and throw it in a pan with 4 Tbs of Olive oil
 I added the tomatos last. 

#3 Cover them with a lid and stir often.
#4 Cook your turkey, Drain it gets juicy.. I just cook it plain. boring I know..but you'll give it its flava lata.

(p.s I now have a gas stove.. yeeeessssssss)
things cook much faster ;)

#5  *Preheat your OVEN.. 350

#6 Check on your noodlies... and feel free to taste test it.  yes?
Once everything is cooked get ready to layer!

#7 Layer Like SOOOO..

Ricotta cheese
sprinkle a little mozzarella

& repeat

until you reach the top of the pan. Place your last noodles on and cover with the remaining sauce &  top with a little cheese love.
#8 Cover with tinfoil and bake for 15-20 minutes

Over board.. just a little..haha

& now your going to hate me.. Cause in all the party madness I didn't get a finale picture..
BUT The Mr. loved it.
He even hid it from everyone else so nobody would want any..
I made some garlic bread also with a delicious whole wheat seedy bread I bought from the bakery ;) 
Slice and spread a little smart balance on and sprinkle with parsley and garlic salt :)
no pic.. sorry y'all


pre workout I snacked on half of a naner with some PB ;)
Off I went to teach my new ATTACK class! 
This was my 2nd week and I love it ;)
I did a few lifts afterwards

10 pull ups strict
15 single leg dead lifts 15 lb
15 bicep curls 20 lbs keep your elbows into your side raising dumbells straight up squeezing at the top

Repeat 5 times

Then I came home and decided it was time for eggs :)

Cook sweet onion, aspargus and tomato and let simmer for about 5 minutes before you add your eggs and spinach. I scramble it all up and serve it on top of a slice of Ezekiel Toast.. (which really is under the massive egg medley.. ) I also had another slice of toast with some agave on top.. (I have to have something sweet for breakfast. Anyone else like that?)

Delicious and filling

It feels good to be back! anyone miss me? haha! 

{My thoughts for day}
It is so easy to think about all the goals I want to accomplish....someday, It can be overwhelming.  As women, we put pressure on ourselves to be many things, get things done, and be a mom or work full time on top of it all..


 Listing them just stresses me out. So I choose to ignore the stress.  

SO today I am going to be proud of who I am, if only for a day.  

I am going to accept who I am, and who I have become over the past few years  Here are some things I have learned over my life that mean a lot to me.  

 I have learned patience over and over again. 
 It is a trait that will be refined for the remainder of life.

I have learned to laugh. 
Laughing clears the mind and of course puts a smile on my face and those around me.

I have learned that tomorrow always comes. 
Each day will bring new adventure.

Kids grow up fast.
Hold them tight, snuggle them & play with them.

I can't make everyone happy.
When I try, I am not the only one that ends up frustrated.

Encourage vs. Discourage.
Be Positive.

Never say never.
The world tells us we can't, listen to the ones who say we can.

Get up, shower, and get ready.
The day aways goes better if I smell good.
even if I don't make it until 2 pm.. haha.

Do something for myself. Even if its picking up a new lip gloss.

Do something for others.
Miracles happen when you put others before yourself.

Laugh at spilled milk (if your a pumping/nursing mother you understand)  and lost keys.
There are enough things in life that deserve stress and keys aren't one of them.

Find the good.
I haven't met a person, ever, that I can't learn something from.

Reach for the sky.
Life is limitless. Its your own. Embrace every moment.

Keep a journal and record your  thoughts.
Life goes too fast to let special moments only live for one moment in time.

Here's to hopin we can slow down just a little bit and not always live life in fast forward 

I'm out.


  1. Ok so I read your blog everyday (even though I don't comment haha sorry) But that sounds like the best freakin' lasagna I've ever heard of. I'm so excited to try it! And I'm glad Brent had a happy birthday!!

  2. "SO today I am going to be proud of who I am, if only for a day.
    I am going to accept who I am, and who I have become over the past few years"

    --I LOVE THAT!! SO Inspiring!!!

    You have been missed, welcome back to the world of the internet :-)

    Seriously, if I don't have internet for an hour I feel anxiety, thats pretty bad!!!

    The babies are so cute in their and hubby look great too!