Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bye Bye Buldge

{Lose the Weight}

Are you frustrated?

If you are overweight but can't seem to get past the diet changes. YOU know what is healthy.. you know you need to exercise, But you can't seem to get yourself to just DO IT.
And just reach for the bag of M&Ms and stay home and watch Greys ;)

Well, News for you.

{Time To CHANGE}

The simple way is to just start of easy.
Baby steps.. if you will ;)

Baby step #1 Add just one fruit or veggie serving daily. Get comfortable with that, then add a extra serving until you reach 8-10 a day. And no. Skittles flavors Do NOT count.. haha!

Baby Step #2
Eat at least 2 servings of fruit or Veggie with every meal.
Pack an apple around with you in your purse or a mini bag of carrots/peppers for quick access.

Baby Step #3
Super size the meal? Heck no. Instead of getting the double burger with fries switch for a salad and keep the dressing on the side.. The packets at fast food restaurants are usually to big anyway!

Baby Step #4
Eat with a purpose, When you eat make sure you peel it, unwrap it, place it on a PLATE and SIT down. Enjoy your food. People tend to eat 2 - 3 X more calories if you eat it straight out of a bag and as fast as possible.

Baby step #5
Breakfast! Eat it.. Eat a BIG breakfast. It will help you eat fewer total calories throughout the day. For example: Oatmeal, Protein shake with a banana

Baby step #6
Make sure your plate is half veggies/ half fruit at lunch and dinner.

Baby Step #7
Don't like to exercise?, Start out easy, Plug your headphones in and just go for a walk around the block. Soon that Block will turn into 2 then maybe even into a jog.. then get a mile in. Come home and pound out 10 pushups. Next day do 15 pushups.. catch my drift?
side note: While out to lunch yesterday with some friends she was talking about her dad and how he just said he is going to start running a mile everyday.. Throughout the weeks his mileage increased and now he is a full on marathon runner!! Thats how its done folks. Just a little bit at a time and you will reach your goal and hey, maybe even do more then you thought you could ever do. 

{How to Cut Calories}

..Baby steps..

Baby Step #1
While eating out, only eat half of your meal, Most restaurants meals are GinOrMoUs!! So just ask them to box up half your meal even before they bring it to you. That way its just not sitting there tempting you. Or there for mindless eating.

Baby Step #2
Dessert- Yes your out to dinner with all your friends, Decide to split that slice of pie and share the indulgence;)

Baby Step #3
Eat the low-cal items on your plate first. Leaving meat and starches for last. So possibly by the time you get to it you will be somewhat full ;)

Baby Step #4
Switch your milk. 2%- to skim! Or almond milk/ soy milk (make sure to check the sugar and get the unsweetened versions)

Baby Step #5
Most people don't love this one.. But Cut the Soda/Juice. Both have so much sugar! And CARBS & calories! So just start out easy.. Cut out just one drink and swap it for water. Then from there you can take it one day at a time. So you will be Water only within a few weeks hopefully.

This is for a 20 ounce drink of juice and a Soda!!

Baby Step #6
At first Keep a food journal, At the end of the day look back and check how many calories you ate. You would be surprised how much the couple of starburst cost you. Or even the heaping scoop of PB.
Even if you eat healthy, its easy to eat to much

Baby Step #7
Use mustard instead of mayo. Even Hummus is a good alternative for your sandwich

Baby step #8
This winter season, Eat more soup, pick low sodium soups.

Baby Step #9
Pack your own lunch. That way you always have healthy food and you aren't forced to head to the nearest Arby's for lunch.

I hope this helps, You would be surprised at how many calories you save by making simple changes.
Throughout your day!



  1. I love all your healthy living tips! Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks for the healthy tips. Most of them I have heard before but you just forget about them, and it's amazing how much those things can add up! Thanks for the reminder! I am really wanting to lose 18-20 pounds and I just need to have better WILL- power over some of these things you have mentioned.