Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hibernation, Yes thats the plan.. You want to know why? This is our weather in utah...
BRRRRRR... Is that really 17 degrees tomorrow..

My sister is in cancun.. and my cousin lives in Texas.. which by the way have about 80 degree + I'd rather spend the holidays there.. and then I wouldn't even have to decide on a yellow coat! 

Seriously.... did the weather miss my post about how I strongly dislike the cold..I guess I'm going to have to dig out my coats and mittens..
Or maybe Ill just find go get some new ones? When I buy new clothes I usually can't wait to wear them.. so maybe the same effect will work with coats?

So.. ladies I have a dilemma...

I can't make a decision...

I have had my eye on this fancy pea coat..
from victoria secret..

I love that it is yellow! It will for sure brighten any goopy snowy day.

OR the long version?
I love the buttons down the back!

What do you think? Which one do you like best?

I have to admit.. I am not the shopper I used to be.. The fashionista in me disappeared.. I don't know why?.. I love shopping.. but the styles have changed so much and really fancy to me is now a basic tee and jeans with some heels.. Call me cute.. ha! No style..Sad I know.. but I really spend more money on fitness clothes.. ahem.. lulu lemon. And Running shoes. Imagine that.. if I had the choice to pick between nordstrom and lulu.. well.. you can just take a big guess which one I'd pick..
ALTHOUGH.. I found a killer deal on GROUPON.COM for nordstrom rack! You pay $25 for a $50 gift certificate! PLUS I have a gift certificate that I haven't used yet! I'm excited to go shopping and get some style back in my life.. So get on that..!!

Okay enough about fashion. Or the lack there of..

 To the food and action.

My workout today consisted of this..

1000 m row
30 sit ups X3
3 sets of 3 reps of each of the following:
power squat cleans AHAP
hang cleans AHAP
power clean and jerk AHAP
Can I just say I LOVE power lifting! Odd I know, but it is challenging for sure and these were all Olympic lifts which makes it that much cooler.. right?
Thanks to GPP! 
After the group workout I headed over to they gym for a 3 mile run real quick.
Then it was time to come back home and had a protein shake then it was time to get the babies READY to go visit their Dr. Nothing serious, just the 4 month appointment. Which yes, consisted of two shots. Which I wasn't really looking forward to because I hate the tears that follow immediately after. I had the bottles ready to go and they calmed down pretty quick. Poor babies.. 
The babies LOVE their dr! He is fabulous with them. They were giggling and talking to him. Very Cute!

The Dr. also advised that We go get our Flu shots.. great..Did you know that your babies can't get flu shots until they are 6 months old!? So to protect them from the influenza we need to protect ourselves first. ps.. i hate getting shots too.. :( Wish me luck.

Breakfast was.. 
old fashioned oats
1/2 scoop of vanilla protein 
mix her up.
& serve with 3 egg whites.

delicious and filling ;)

Lunch I met up with a friend at Einstein bagels.
I had a late breakfast so I wasn't to hungry yet so I picked at 
 a plain pumpkin bagel.. (tis the season) and a fruit cup! I could hardly resist myself when I saw the melons! 

and now I'm enjoying another little snack

4 oz of grilled chicken and 1 cup of green beans.


Does anyone want to know what the TOY of the year is...


What the heck..
and yes, I bought one.. hahaha!~
creative name eh?
Looks more like some kind of annoying bug if you ask me..
but the babies LOVE it! 

Its actually kinda cute.. It sings and if you have more then one they sing and harmonize together! 
SO today on ELLEN, she had one and she also gave them to everyone in the audience.. it was hilarious, she had everyone push them together and hum their little tune.
Gotta love it.
So go buy your sing-a-majig 
and get hunkered down inside before the storm of the year gets here! 

What do you do during "Hibernation" weather?
I'll be a scrapbook, blogging queen tonight! maybe I'll bake some survivor cookies;)

What is your favorite Bagel and schmear??

Did you ever have a ridiculous popular toy?
I had a furby.. yes.. actually I had 2.

Stay warm. & have a good night! 


  1. Candice...go with the long version yellow coat! Ohhh I want it for myself!! So cute. xoxo

  2. I love both versions of the coat, but I would have to agree with Whit, I love the long one with the buttons too! I actually had a yellow coat in high school...ahh, my favorite! LOved it. You should come down to Texas...it's great, 75 degrees today I believe...heh heh...jk. Welcome anytime though. Oh and my girls each have one of those singing doll/bug things...they are pretty funny when they harmonize together!