Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Workout Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday!

I love sharing workouts with you guys. Every Wednesday I’ll be sharing a workout for ya. The workouts will vary from treadmill cardio all the way to simple strength workouts. Ill be sure to include at home workouts as well, since those have been a fave around here.

For todays workout all you need is a deck of cards. This  workout was inspired by one of my favorite workouts at GPP. It is one I love to do when I can’t make it into the gym or on vacation. You can switch it up and make it fit for what works for you.

Here is my version for you today.

I completed the workout at GPP this morning sticking to Hellth 3d!

Then I enjoyed the same breakfast that I had yesterday!


Quick and simple.

I have been working out a bit more this week and can tell! I am starting to notice I am more hungry! 2 workouts a day (some days) plus nursing makes me ravenous.

Time to pick the kids up from preschool! Catch ya later!