Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Oh hey!

Today is the day where you get to see what it is like to live in this brain of mine. Mostly just random thoughts of what has been on my mind lately.

1. Man Hands.

I used to have some pretty THICK calluses on my hands.. Thanks to pull-ups, and lifting alike. I was actually pretty proud of them. Throughout the pregnancy my hands got softer but now those calluses are starting to make an appearance again.


Also, if you want to really make your hands look like man hands take a picture of them at this angle. Yeesh.

2. Eating like a Human.

If you caught my post on instagram today you probably saw a picture of my plate and some random ramblings.

Since having Roen I have been really good about eating healthy foods and getting good calories in. What I am NOT doing very well at is, eating my food on a plate like most normal people do.

I lead a hectic life. I know. It is my own fault but I love my life and wouldn’t trade it for the world. But I feel like my eating has been all over the place. For example: Yesterday I bought a chicken from costco and when I got home I just took off the lid and started tearing through it like some kind of animal. Grabbed a handful of carrots and then ate a siggis yogurt while nursing Roen. Is that even a meal? Most of my meals are like that. Even dinner.. Extracurricular activities, work, callings in the church etc. usually consume our nights and it’s been crock pot chicken and frozen veggies heated up in the microwave kind of nights. Heck, I even will whip up 2 different meals if my kids refuse to eat what I made just because I don’t want to deal with a tantrum. Its weird and probably a tad dysfunctional.. but it is what it is. 

BUT I want to be better. We are going to eat off plates again and try to sit down together and talk about our day. (ps. do families even do that anymore?) It will make more dishes, it will take work and I know some days it wont turn out that great but we are going to give it our best effort.      

3. Candy Flavored Gum

I had high hopes for this. I really did. It tastes like a starburst no doubt about it but I really only liked chewing it for about as long as I like to chew a normal starburst before swallowing it. I think this no sugar challenge has turned me away from things like this. I’m a sweet mint orbit fan through and through.

4. Ikea Shelves

I put some shelves like these in Roens Nursery for books and LOVE them. I decided I want to make some for Tanner and Baylee’s rooms as well. So I went and got six of them, three for each room. They took me about 2 days to actually get all put together and I still have to spray paint them..

So simple yet, so difficult.

5. Kids.

Kids are amazing. Really they are. My four year olds probably have more mood swings then most hormonal 12 year old girls but they never cease to surprise me. Just when I think I have probably ruined them for life they throw their arms around me and tell me that they love me. Those moments come at times when I least expect them too and probably don’t even deserve them.

I just wish they wouldn’t grow up so darn fast.


Oh life. It is just great right now.