Monday, January 5, 2015

Lazy M.F Monday: O.O.T.D.

I finally discovered what that hashtag even stood for.

Be proud.

Oh man, I have missed you guys. Life has been busy lately and I gave the blog the back seat for a bit. I am back now and more determined than ever. My New years started today.. What can I say. I just love Mondays.

It is a new year which means a fresh start for many of us. I have gone back and forth about this little ole’ bloggy of mine. Go big or just stop. Writing has always been a passion of mine, even though my grammar is less than stellar..

I love sharing my life with all of you but I am at a stand still. Some days I feel as if I am making a difference but lately I honestly feel like I’m talking to myself. Both are fine because I originally started this blog soley for my own accountablility and it has grown to something bigger. I have made so many friends and good relationships with it. I have some big things in store for this blog this year. Hopefully for the best.

We will just have to wait and see what happens with all my crazy ideas.

Are you excited for another Lazy M.F Monday?


Outfit of the day:

So yesterday was a big day for little Roe.

He was blessed in our church surrounded by family and friends.


Brent gave a beautiful, yet simple blessing for our sweet baby Roen. He was an angel for it and was as content as could be.


Sundays are the one day that I actually get ready. As a mom of three kids it is hard to get all glam throughout the week. Especially when I work in puddles of sweat a couple timed during the day. Ha! It makes Sundays just that more special when I can finally get rid of the sweat and dress to impress.

Skirt: Gold Polka dot skirt: Hemline Mom

Shoes: Dooballo booties -> I just got these and I’m in love.

Top: Mossimo Red Sweater (old) but here is one similar

Necklace: Chunky Brown Necklace (gift)

Here are a few family pictures from the day.



Roen was blessed wearing the same blessing outfit that his dad wore when he was blessed.

Vintage is in.


Handsome kid. Don’t you think?

Anyway, there is my first #OOTD

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I FINALLY sat down and completed my resolutions. I’m a week off and still trying to get my goals organized.. Anyone else feel like they need to organize and plan out the year? Anybody else feel like new years resolutions can be a little overwhelming. I had a whole list of goals I want to accomplish and things I want to improve upon this year. Along with each one I had to sit and write the HOW. I feel like its going to be a good year.

Lets go 2015. Lets go.

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