Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Favorites

Hooray for the weekend! I hope you all have some fun plans this weekend. So far Brent and I have a fun date tonight planned thanks to his sister who offered to take the the twins for the night!

Before I sign off for the weekend I want to share a few of my favorite things this week!

My monogram necklace.

For Christmas I bought one for a gift for one of my sisters and decided I wanted to get myself one and then figured I may as well buy one for my other sister too!


The only thing was, was that I had ordered them too late to be delivered by Christmas…. BUT they were delivered today!! I love how simple it is. The initials on it are C.H.J. - Candice. Heather & Jessica. The “H” also represents our maiden name. I am in love with it because through thick and  my sisters are always there for me.

I ordered the necklaces from etsy. Here is the shop info for you.

They even come in these cute wood boxes.


They were cheaper than most monogram necklaces I could find. In the $35 range… So I figured it was a steal of a deal and they seem to be high quality. I’m in love. If you order from her make sure you allow 6 weeks for delivery!

Charli XCX

This has been my favorite song on my pandora station (top hits) lately. Whenever I hear it I seriously want to go all coyote ugly and dance.



I am still in love with my fabletics workout gear. The top is so soft and is great for my cross training (GPP) workouts, but not the best for running (if you have large, full of milk boobs).. The fabric is very soft and light. It does have some cups in it so nobody can tell your cold. Winking smileFYI It would be great for running with an extra sports bra underneath.


The leggings are my favorite though. I feel like they provide a lot of support and don’t show any pee.. I mean sweat aka swass. After the rough workouts.


And yes, I did spare you ad cut my sweaty, hot mess of a face out of the picture. I had just completed the 5th workout of Hellth 3d and was literally dripping still. Thrusters on a Friday! Enough said.

Amberlyn Chocolate

My fried gave me a few bars of Amberlyn Chocolates for Christmas and I have to tell you I skeptical at first because most “chocolate” things that are sugar free taste like dirt from around the cocoa bean anyway. It WAS NOT the case with this lovely, melt in my mouth, better than Hersheys Chocolate bar.

Its Creamy, decadent, succulent, seductive and just plain delicious. I found them on Vitacost for you at a decent price. Word on the street is that they sell them at Costco sometimes.. so keep your eye out.

Well, that is that!

Have a great weekend!

Question of the day:

Tell me something your loving this week?