Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Workout Wednesday: Diastasis Recti

Hey Hey! Happy Wednesday!

This morning started off with work at GPP. The workout today was Tabata’s with Pushups, V-ups, Jump rope, Box Jumps and a Row. I subbed the V-ups with KB swings and worked up a bit of a sweat. I’m heading to a body combat class tonight as well.

Today I want to chat a bit about Diastasis Recti.

Here is a video on how to check if you have it.

I first got it through my twin pregnancy.

I didn’t do much to heal the diastema and kind of just went with it. I wore my wrap for several weeks after and that was about it. I did the sit ups, V-ups, crunches and pretty much all the “don’ts” with the diastema. I went back to work pretty early post partum, which was a mistake and caused me to herniate. Honestly, I never really thought much about it. I was nursing TWO babies, my posture was terrible and I was to overwhelmed and tired to care. It wasn’t until months after that I had even discovered that I had a diastema. By that point I figured it was too late to fix it. I knew I was going to have more kids, so I figured when I am done having kids I will have a surgery to repair it completely.

This time around I waited 6 whole weeks before working out. I still have a diastema (about 3 fingers wide) It is now bigger than from my twin pregnancy. Yes, I still have my hernia. But I am doing exercises daily to help to see if I can repair it on my own. I know it takes time and I need to be patient. Needless to say I may end up having surgery to repair it in the long run, once I’m done having kids. But I always think it is best to do what you can before.

After my c-section I wore my wrap every day for the majority of the day. After about 5 weeks I quit wearing it because I noticed I was having back pain. Especially in the morning after wearing it all night. I realized (thanks to my boss) that the wrap was doing the work for me that my core was supposed to do. I liked the wrap because I didn’t have to THINK about holding my core in. So I stopped wearing it after about 6 weeks and starting focusing on holding my core in. TRY that.. its hard.. I realized I am awful at it. Making meals, walking around the house, teaching, nursing, even just while I was sitting watching T.V.

So here I am, trying to do it myself. Please know I am 13 weeks post partum and I honestly was nervous sharing these pictures of myself with you all. Not because I was a sweaty hot mess but I don’t feel like I am quite back to myself. Which is dumb I know. I’m human and feel a bit insecure so.. ignore that baby belly.

Here are a few exercises that I try to do every day to heal my diastema. 

Please excuse my lovely self timer photos with sweaty hair and pasty skin. Ha!

1. Pelvic lifts.

With your heels on the ground tuck your hips in and really think about sucking your belly button to your spine. Lift your bum off the ground without squeezing it. I do this  3x25 (25 reps, 3 times).

Side note: The first time I laid flat on back post partum HURT. Weirdly.. It felt good but it took my breath away. My back hadn’t been flat on a hard surface for quite some time and it gave a lot of “relief” to my upper back. Almost as if it was being stretched!

2. Cat, Cow

This is a yoga move and again just think about sucking your belly button in and up. Remember to inhale as you suck in, take a few breathes and exhale as you  arch your back, making your belly button closer to the ground and your head goes up. I also do this 3x25.


This is my favorite! It also stretches and feels so good on my upper back.

3. The Crawl.

I just started doing this exercise. On all fours, notice my feet (and awesome socksWinking smile) You will actually “march” your feet. Make sure you do your best to keep your belly in as much as you can. I’m obviously still working on it.. that and I had approximately 2 seconds to get in that position before my self timer went off.. ha!


4. Leg Circles

Laying on your back, tilt your pelvis in and lift your leg straight up. Do 20 circles with your right and 20 with your left. I do each leg 3 times for 20 circles.


5. Spider lift.

I call this the spider lift because obviously you look like a spider.. this is the hardest movement to do and I wouldn’t try this one until your at least 8 weeks post partum.

With your back and pelvis pressing against the wall, suck your belly in. With your hands in front of you try and hold your feet up. Hold them up as long as possible. At the beginning I could only do it for 5 seconds! Now I do this 3x30 second holds. Don’t forget to breathe.


I also do side planks and can do regular planks with out my belly making the triangle. (The center of your belly will make a triangle shape up with a sit up if you have a diastema.)

I hope these movements help you or someone you know struggling with diastasis recti.

REMEMBER. BE PATIENT. It took 9 months to stretch that out. It may take even longer to bring it back. I know I am having a hard time with it and it isn’t easy to heal.

One thing is for sure though.

It was worth it.


I am proud to be a mother.