Monday, January 26, 2015

Lazy M.F Monday: Jawbone UP 24 Review

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I left you all hanging since last Wednesday! Well.. you know that sore throat I mentioned? It happened to be just terrible. So over the weekend I spent most of the time at home recovering from this dang sore throat. I did manage to teach body pump but resembled an 8o year old smoker throughout my tracks.

I usually do a run on Saturday as well but chose to skip it and just head home and get better. It helped.. Today I can allllmoooost breathe through my nose again but I still sound like maybe a 40 year old smoker.

Salads like these haven’t gone anywhere.


I’m still eating one a day for lunch.


Jawbone review

Brent bought me the Jawbone for Christmas. I actually gave him the idea because a few clients at my gym had it and I found it to be intriguing. I was pretty excited to get it and test it out!

Here are a few pros and cons from MY experience with it for the past month. You can read all about the functions and in and outs of the Jawbone HERE. What I am telling you about is just my honest opinion about it.


It was pretty easy to set up. It connects to an iphone easily and syncs a few times throughout the day. I’m not the most tech savvy person and I figured it out pretty easily. 

Lazy Vibration

I am a pretty active person throughout the day. I have my job and 3 kids to thank for that one. I do however catch myself sitting for awhile while I’m nursing, blogging, helping kids read/homework, and of course watching friends on Netflix.  Ha!

Well, I set up my band to vibrate if I sit longer than 45 minutes between the hours of 7am-9pm. When it goes off I get up and do something around the house or go outside. I love this because it reminds me to not be lazy and or “play next episode.” Although, I do ignore it sometimes.

Power Nap

There is a power nap! If I have T & B at school and Roen is napping, chances are I will try to squeeze in a nap if it is possible. The bands “power nap” setting, which allows me to take a 30 minute nap and will vibrate on my wrist when time is up! That way my power nap doesn’t end up being 2 hours. Personally, If I nap for longer than that then I’m usually grumpy and even MORE tired. My 30 minute power nap is just enough for me to make it through the rest of the day.

Time Workouts

I was a little late to the game at figuring this one out but figured out that  I can set it to time my workouts.

At GPP we do a lot of workouts for time and I usually will try to squeeze mine in between classes so with the band I can track my workout. The band tracks “active burn” but I’m not really convinced about it because it doesn’t have a heart rate monitor so calorie burn isn’t really accurate in my book. Besides, some workouts at GPP are done while standing in one place and doesn’t really show a huge calorie burn if I don’t move my feet.

Battery Power

It charges quick and it lasts about a week before having to recharge. I just plug it in to my computer while I’m sitting and blogging and it is at a full battery by the time I’m done with the post.


The Design

The design of it is not ugly, it actually looks pretty cool. I got a black one but it gets snagged on everything. I wear a ton of layers and can’t pull my long sleeve off without having to readjust the bracelet.

I’m not really a bracelet wearer and getting used to the band on my wrist took a few days. Honestly it still kind of bugs me. It doesn’t go with every outfit.. but good thing I mostly wear spandex.

Not waterproof

I love to go swimming. BUT this dang thing isn’t WATERPROOF and wont’ track or “time” that workout.

A fitness tracker

The jawbone tracks my and my steps, calorie burn, both resting and active.  Because I know I am an active person, I just don’t care if I get X amount of steps a day. Just because I didn’t reach X amount of steps doesn’t mean I’m not healthy or active enough. It just tells me that I didn’t get those steps and then I feel all guilty and end up pacing around my house to get the stupid steps in. I’m a number person and if I didn’t hit that goal it just BUGGED me. Like I failed or something. So I came to the conclusion that STEPS don’t matter. I worked out, I ate healthy and that is good enough for me.

The calorie burn has to be off because it doesn’t track my heart rate.—I wish it did.  If I forget to “time” my workout it doesn’t really catch my “longest active” time. For example, today I did both a GPP workout and taught Body Attack and it claims my longest active time was 16 minutes. - False.  But my “active time was 1 hour and 18 minutes, which is probably close but not right on. You CAN edit it though!

Sleep tracker

This I will admit was pretty cool at first, but then after a few days after seeing it I realized it is dumb too. I know how much sleep and how many times I got up last night. I’m not sold on the whole sound sleep and light sleep thing on it. I don’t understand how it can track that. I think it actually just estimates it. It isn’t connected to my heart or my eyes so how in the heck does it know anything about my REM cycle.


As a blogger and lets face it.. a human. I spend more time on social media, blogging, and fiddling around than I probably should as it is. The jawbone syncs with myfitnesspal, which is awesome but I don’t really care for it. I did it for the first little while and it just takes FOREEEVER to enter in what I ate, make and form recipes, add products etc. Then after the fact I would end up comparing my days and just spending so much time playing with it that I would much rather focus on something else with that time.

You can have “teammates” and look at their stats which makes it fun, but just one more thing to do. I can easily not do it and just let it track but then it is always in the back of my head to just check where I am at and what else should I do etc.


I think a jawbone would be great for a sedentary person. If you work a desk job and workout sometimes, working on dialing in your nutrition and you need that motivation and accountability then I think it could be AWESOME for you!

If you are an active person, you sleep at night, and you are mostly on the go. You probably won’t benefit from it much. You will just have one more thing to waste time on.

I now just wear it out of curiousity, but honestly will probably resell it soon. It was good to know everything at first, but after the first few days you just kind of know.

Question of the day:

Do you have a fitness tracker? What are your thoughts?