Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Workout Wednesday: Boot Camp Cardio

Happy Wednesday!

We have officially made it through half of the week! I am looking forward to the weekend already! I’m starting to feel a bit of a sore throat.. I downed some “Emergen-C” with high hopes that it will cure it before it gets worse.. I can’t really afford getting sick right now. I truly believe in that, “moms shouldn’t get sick” saying.

Last night I taught a total body conditioning class and I put them through a quick warm up followed by some heavy squats for a little strength work, and then threw a version of this quick circuit to really make them drip.


Needless to say, mission accomplished. It was quite the heavy breather.

I worked this morning and completed the GPP workout of the day and ran a few miles when I got home and that is when I felt this sore throat thing really kick up a notch. So I have been cuddling with my “Mothers Milk” tea all day. The warmth feels good on my throat.


I have been drinking this tea to help me with my milk production for Roen. I really am not a tea fan.. I honestly haven’t tried one that didn’t taste like leaf flavored water.. but I did discover if I add a few liquid stevia drops to it, it actually makes it drinkable.

My favorite workout song to sweat to lately is this..


“Do you want a hot body? You gotta work work!”

Oh Brit. I love you like it’s 1999.

Questions of the day:

What is your favorite workout song lately?

Do you drink tea? Maybe even enjoy it? … HOW?