Sunday, March 20, 2011

Moab Vaca

Thanks for all the congrats from the race post! As promised here are some pics of the hotel and more importantly meals.. and activities.

Once we finally got to our double wide hotel.. seriously.. it was like a long trailer.. with lots of rooms?

It had a great bed.

with a kitchen

And lets not forget the beautiful artwork
Yes, that is a framed poster.. 

Really, I couldn't complain.. its my own fault for booking our hotel late.. as in 2 weeks to race day.. I was actually really lucky to get a room.. camping wouldn't of been very comfortable. 

After the race we went a several jeep trails! Gemini Bridges, Metal Masher & Steel Bender. Brent and I love jeeping and tackling crazy hills and schtuff.. (him a little more then me.. I turned into a wuss) 

We even went on a few hikes.. yes, I'm still in my running clothes, I felt good though. hiking was just the icing on the cake ;)
sweaty mess with a hot man.

We had to take some time at the t-shirt shop in Moab! This place is a must in moab. You pick out a shirt or bring your own and pick a design for your shirt. They have hundreds! Brent and I already have a few shirts and decided the twinners needed their own. 

For dinner we ate at ZAX, Its an all you can eat pizza and salad bar joint in town. I went with the all you can eat Salad. I was craving some Veggies! (the waitress looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for a plate instead of the miniature salad bowl..)
veggie mountain

Then Sunday we woke up in our fancy schmancy hotel and I whipped up some breakfast in the "kitchen" We bought some quaker, lower sugar packets. Come morning I realize we don't have bowls or spoons...
Improvise with coffee cup and straw.. 
Brown sugar quaker with some chocolate protein stirred in.. surprisingly.. I really enjoyed it. 
wouldn't you?

After our improvised breakfast we went for a walk over my favorite bridge in Moab going over the Colorado River. 

Him & I


I love the red rock and tall rock walls! They are amazing!

We already have two more trips planned in April! Can't wait!
We love Moab!


  1. That is one awesome kitchen ;) I can't believe you had the energy to hike after your half! Looks like a fabulous time overall. So happy you two got some "you" time

  2. You rock! That is an awesome half marathon time! I am running one this saturday in DC. I am hoping for just under 2 hrs as well:) Anyway, glad you had a good time. I swear I have stayed at that same hotel - its so classy isn't it?:)