Sunday, March 20, 2011

{Moab Half Recap}

Hey everyone!! Back from MOAB! I had a great race and well deserved get-away with the husband. We left Friday afternoon and headed straight to the packet pick-up, grabbed some, not even picture worthy dinner at hogi-yogi and checked into our somewhat humorous, double wide hotel. (pictures to come in later post..)

Picking up my bib.

We woke up bright and early on Saturday, I could hardly sleep I was so excited to just RUN! I ate a quick breakfast and grabbed some snackage since the race didn't even start till 10 am.

Stretched, layered (it was a bit chilly) and ready to head to the buses to meet my friend and ride up to the
starting line.

This was her very first race and she rocked it!! 

We got to the top, went to the bathroom.. (for the 3rd time) and then proceeded to the starting line.

I had a lot of GPP friends run also, every single one of these people are a total inspiration to me and they all kicked some serious asphalt ;)

It was windy, and cold at the beginning. Once I started running I warmed up a little bit, there was head wind.. not something I was prepared for. I hate running in wind, in fact during one of my runs last week I headed outside to do 5 miles and the wind was so strong I bagged it and turned around and ended up only doing 2 miles! Bad idea.. note to self: TRAIN in all ELEMENTS!

Around mile 6 I caught up with some friends from GPP again we held together for a little while then lost each other.

At about mile 10 two girls that I took/taught class with found me and I ran with them to the end! It was fun seeing them and catching up while keeping a 9:00 minute pace. They actually really helped me make it to the end.
two of my favorite girls, although they make me look like a giant..  

I crossed the finish line with chip time of 1:59, finishing 30th in my age group.

Overall, The race was beautiful! we ran along the river and red rocks the whole time. The weather was... mediocre.. temperature was good, but the wind was a little rough and made it a bit chilly at times. Sometimes I wish we could control mother nature for perfect racing weather..
tall, white and pasty..

It was good having my husband there at the end cheering me on. He surprised me with some post race food, A NAKED juice and RASPBERRIES!!  I just love that man. 
one in a million man.

It was a great race and I would for sure recommend it to anyone, I'm already planning on it next year!! Its one of my favorites by far! 
Things I have with me in my running pack:
  • Mambas (I like them better then gu's)
  • I Pod with an amazing playlist
  • Extra chocolate mint gum! (lifesaver) 

Things I realize I should of had with me. 
  • Chapstick! (my lips were so dry from the wind)
  • Sunglasses/hat -- sand was blowing in my eyes 
  • IBU. yep, forgot it. 

Q. What was your FAVORITE Race?? 

Q. What is your MUST HAVE race gear?



  1. ahhhhhh! Great job! You rock! Glad y'all had a great weekend (I can't wait to see pictures of this hotel). Mambas are yummy.

  2. Wind--->totally not fun. I was amazed at how many people were at that race. I was passing and getting passed the WHOLE TIME! CRAZY! Two potty breaks before the race. Don't we just LOVE porta potty's!
    What a drag to wait SOOOO LONG for the race to start. COLD COLD. But when the wind stopped for a few seconds, I got HOT.
    Crazy running on the side of the road & I could have used another snack stop-the clif bar was good, but two food stops on the route would have helped.
    The medic tent at the end had IBU & tynelol to grab---i just happen to look over at the right time to see it. but IBU was all gone.
    How do you feel today?

  3. Great job!! Congrats on the race and the time you did it in!

  4. Awesome job!! I'm running my first half next mOnth! So excited!

  5. great job on the race! looks like a beautiful place to run!

  6. good job, i've heard this is an awesome race from so many people! I'm finally catching up on my blog reading, which is why you have all sorts of new comments from me :) My favorite half is the salt lake city half in april and necessary gear, jolly ranchers and chapstick! let's get together and do a run!