Sunday, March 13, 2011

bike news.

Hi! Happy Sunday!! Sunday is one of my favorite days, Brent is home ALL day and we get to hang out in our bed all morning with our not sleepy babies.. and enjoy breakfast together without the rush of work,appts, gym etc. We are total homebodies on sundays unless we have a family party, which is almost every Sunday. BUT not today, We are doing the church thing today, then back to the casa for a little R & R

I have some BIG BIKE NEWS !!
We got our tax return back a few weeks ago. YAY!! And Mr. Moneymaker gave me permission to purchase a road bike that I have been lurving over for the past few months.

Road Bikes - DawesLightning1500

I am happy to say that this beauty is on its way to my front porch.. AHH! I'm so excited let the beginning of my triathlon career begin!!! I'm hoping to one day do an Ironman.. maybe 2012? Lets think about that... for a year or so. But lets get a sprint in first and build my way up to it;) I can't wait to cruise around on it! Beautiful!! Yes?!

As anticipated breakfast did not disapoint! Brent and I both were craving french toast and eggs. I can do that.
I had some cinnamon raisin ezekiel bread and figured that would be perfect for our french toast today!!
5 eggwhites, splish splash of almond milk and of course more cinnamon.
I mixed it all up and tossed a slice of the bread in the mix. I like to let it soak for a minute or two while the pan is heating up. 

I enjoyed it topped with the most heavenly candy like PB. White chocolate wonderful by Peanut Butter & Co. and some egg scramble roos. 
Lets not forget the grapefruit.. Yes, I do eat my grapefruit like an orange.. I just peel it and eat it. Have you ever done this?  Most people cut it in half and cut out the segments but they make a big juicy mess in the process. So skip sticky mess and just peel and eat. Or not.. whatever floats your boat. 

Have a great SUNDAY! 


  1. I eat my grapefruit like an orange too! I think its the best that way. What a yummy bfast. cinnamon raisin ezekiel bread as french toast sounds incredible!! And hooray for the bike!

  2. it looks great! I would love to have a road bike one day. ssooo $$$ though. hopefully one day. Good luck!

  3. I got a bike last year and have loved it!! I can't wait to start riding again this year outside!!

  4. Congrats!! Glad that $$ is going towards your future health and happiness!!!

    Grapefruit is a fruit I have yet to try....

    I love the white chocolate wonderful PB too!