Tuesday, March 8, 2011

egg scramble how to.

Hey everyone!! Hope your week is going well!! Its been a whirlwind so far, but I am happy to announce we are all 100% now and feeling great!! SOOO glad to have my happy babies back and the fact that I can finally breathe through my nose!! YAY!! Big secret... antibiotics + Mucinex D!!!!

I have had a few requests to tell you how I make my egg scramble. Its so easy! Don't let raw veggies scure you from a good and nutritious breakfast!  Here is a little refresher..

Heat your pan,spray with canola oil and throw your raw (super food) veggies (your choice) on. I used broccoli & red pepper. (onion would of been uhhhmazing.)
Let them steam for about 5-7 minutes 
Add your egg whites, I use about 4 eggs.(I forgot to take pic) 
Let them cook for about a minute and mix it with a spatula then add the spinach
mix it up
cover with a lid
Let it steam for a minute

ALL done!
Kind of looks messy but thats why its an egg scramble.

Breakfast is served!! 

Eggs are an amazing way to start your day!! This meal keeps me full and satisfied for the whole morning! 
I'll be back later! 


  1. Eggs! I just ate them for dinner with veggies too :) Can't go wrong with brinner. Glad everyone is feeling well :)

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