Tuesday, March 8, 2011

fat tuesday

Hey loves, just so you know.. Last night was an epic SNOW STORM.. yes, its March. I'm ready and excited for spring.. but this proves that the groundhog is a liar face.
(I may or may not of been taking pictures while I was driving..) 
Last night I was driving on the freeway.. going 10 mph.. for 8 miles.. Through the storm! I had my sister with me because we joined a SOCCER league!!! yes, I am fully aware that I have NEVER played soccer in my life.. My sister is a pro. and 2 of my cousins play also! We had a blasty. Although we arrived a half hour late... but arrived to find out the other team forfeited. (awesome, that would of been good to know BEFORE we risked our lives driving..) But we rummaged for a bit, the practice was well worth it. I learned how to put shin guards on. (those are important if you aren't soccer savvy) I didn't take any pics..(storm, late, panic.etc)  but we play once a week.. so I promise some next week! mmmk?
SOOOO  TODAY is Fat Tuesday! Did you celebrate? I sure didn't.. but who would that really surprise? I'm with Gina on this one..I'm calling it FIT Tuesday, In fact I did a "two-a-day" today to celebrate it. This morning I stormed through the GPP workout I set a new PR thanks to Ashlan.. she is one tough chick. It was hard to keep up with her. Afterwards we hit it out to Salt Lake for baby T's helmet appt. 

Everything is going well and right on track! He doesn't have it on in the picture because the Dr. instructed us to leave it off for an hour after the appointment. So he has helmet hair ;) I can already tell a difference in a week.
After his appt. I was starving!! Being in Salt Lake I was craving one thing.

We don't have a whole foods in Bountiful, so whenever we have time to make a quick stop for the hot bar, you know I'm going to take advantage of it. And the best part Brent came with us so it was a fun family date. 

I went with a Brussel sprout salad and lemon rosemary chicken breast. It was SO good and so filling!!
But I saved room for my impulse treat..which Brent and I split. 
It was my first time having a BOBO's bar and it was perfect little oat cake. Overall, It was good and I could of eaten the whole thing myself. 

I got a 4 mile run in and hand some time to jump into my friends Boot Camp class which was a crazy tabata that kicked my trash. I love tabata work outs and will post one soon for you to do at home!! They seriously rock your socks off! 

Dinner was a quick and easy meal...
Spinach Salad with Chicken and chopped red bell peppers and apples drizziled with balsamic vinagrette. It was 6:30 when I took this picture.. It looks really bright.. (probably the reflection from the snow!) or longer days because Spring is coming?? (in my summer dreams)

Q. Any soccer playas out there that could give me some tips? 

Q. Whats your favorite thing from the hot bar at whole foods? 


  1. That is so fun that you joined a soccer league! I love it. Can't wait to hear more. Major booo to the snow. I love Brussels sprouts...the salad looks very yummy. And way to kick butt on your workouts. I used to play soccer...but no real tips :) Be rough, but keep your arms down. Favorite thing on the WFs hot bars? Usually their veggie stir fry

  2. what do you think of protien bars? do you ever eat them? are they worth it? how much protien should be in one?

  3. Can I just say...Your little boy is SO CUTE!!!!

    Also, I have NEVER played soccer! Not once. Maybe I should try it? I hear you can be pretty rough. Might help to get out some aggression.