Saturday, March 26, 2011

love just you

1. Fall in love with yourself. Just do it, love is liberating and hate, anger, or stress is just plain tiring 
2. Eliminate self criticism. find something you admire about yourself instead of belittle.
3. Be kind and positive. Happiness and optimism are strongly associated with self-compassion.
4. Acknowledge your effort. keep a journal. be proud of each and every day.
5. Let go of worry. worry causes wrinkles. 
6. Trust yourself. 
7. Forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. Don't hold on to your own.
8. Make positive affirmations everyday. positve words equal happy thoughts.
 9.  follow your dreams
10. Sweat  once a day- it will make you smile 
11. Be proud. you are who you are. Don't let anyone or anything take you down.

love you.


  1. I especially needed that today!
    Had a rough day, opened my reader and it was the first one up! Thank you.

  2. I needed that today too. Love it!

  3. I, too, needed this today. Thank you!

  4. very true. thanks for sharing. i think us moms especially need to remember all that once in awhile. thanks.