Wednesday, March 16, 2011

it happens.

hey everyone! first off, sorry my long absence.. I have an explanation..

Baking cookies.
We had a bachelorette party with our friends on Monday. (Yay!! Emily..) We were all bringing treats to snack on and decided cookies would be perfect. Lets just say. 3 batches ---- all fail.
they look good, but tasted nast.

it happens. (last tie I try to bake with whole wheat pastry flour)

Yesterday, Baby T fell.... hard.
Did he have his helmet on? No. He gets to take it off for 1 hour everyday. In that one hour. He took a tumble. awesome-- (sense my sarcasm) I felt horrible, I felt like a terrible mother.. How could I let that happen to my baby. I was literally 1 foot away from him. We were in my kitchen, babies in their bumbos (which I always put them in to feed them) and I had turned around to get baby T's bottle ready and just as I turned back he was mid air. SMACK.
My sweet baby fell to the floor. I quickly grabbed at him and held him close, He cried for what seemed forever but in all reality he calmed down quickly, no bloody nose, no visible goose egg  or bruising.  He moved his arms, legs and seemed completely normal.
..happy boy..

I took him to the Dr. later that day (as soon as they could get me in)...8:30 pm-- just to get him double checked. He was smiling and giggling at the Dr. The Dr. checked everything. Come to find out, T has his first ear infection. :(  But the Dr. also found a soft spot on the side of his head and was a little concerned about it.  He wanted me to come back later just to have it re-evaluated. So this morning we went back, and the Dr. decided we better do a CT scan because he is pretty sure he has a skull fracture :( We were ordered to go to PCMC for the CT scan-- 4 hours later, it was confirmed, T has a skull fracture. I feel sooo bad. It takes experiences like this one to realize how fast things can happen. There really is nothing you do for a skull fracture and luckily there wasn't any internal bleeding so he will be fine.
Brent was very calm and explained to me, along with other moms that I talked to, that babies fall all the time, It will happen to everyone at least once.  I'm not a failure as a mother because of it, I simply just learned a lesson.---- We will now be eating Indian style on the kitchen floor. Oh, and babies can jump out of bumbos at 8 months of age. That little dare devil. In all honesty, if this ever happens to you, don't blame yourself accidents happen and babies are a lot more durable then we think.

Moms and to future moms of the world.
It happens.
So that's that. I have been a crazy mom with a nutzo schedule and blog time was Dr. time.
Some recent eats were
egg scramble

 Spinach salad with hot green beans. With some Marys Crackers.
Cottage and balsamic vinaigrette! 
Yes, its a new obsession
(in fact, this is all i have had ALL day today.. 9-5 at Dr's.. I was STARVING.. )

New fun recipe tomorrow!! 


  1. It DEFINITELY happens. I'm sorry you and the little one have had to go through all this. I hope you have a relaxing rest of the week ahead!! And bummer on the cookies. I hate when my baked goods go bad. Looking forward to the recipe

  2. Sorry to hear that Candice! It sounds like he was such a trooper though. Unfortunately everyone is right, it does happen, but that doesn't always make you feel better to hear that. Lots of loves for him I'm sure are in store.

  3. I love working at the hospital and hear mom's always say "that will NEVER happen to my kid!" We definitely all have experiences in which our kids get hurt. Rykker has fallen out of the shopping cart...twice! Glad baby T is ok!! It's definitely no fun to spend hours at the dr. or hospital!! And it's never fun when cooking doesn't turn out either! Darn! At least Emily won, right?! :D

  4. I'm so glad baby T is okay! It totally happens, & I'm glad you're not blaming yourself! You are an awesome mom! Looking forward to seeing this new recipe.