Saturday, March 5, 2011

heres the skinny..

Hey everyone!! Hope your weekend is going well so far. I started out my morning by playing with these 2 little munckins in my bed at 5AM... okay.. they were playing while I was trying to stay asleep.. Finally decided that I wasn't going to win and got up. I teach body pump on saturday mornings so I ate my breakfast and left to go to work. (I love that fitness is actually my job) Then I was supposed to have a long run today.. 11 miles, but I'm still battling the mucus in my brain and cough but was able to get 8.41 before I just gave up.

I had a good conversation today at the gym, After my class a young lady came up to me and asked. Will this class make me skinny? (She was not extremely overweight or anything). I simply asked her. "Well, what is your goal? Do you want to be skinny or do you want to be fit? She looked at me kind of confused and said, Isn't being fit being skinny?
What do you think??

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I explained my thought. Whatever your goal is. Make it a FITNESS GOAL. Instead of saying.. I want to be skinny.. Try,  I want to be FIT!!! Then make it into a positive statement. Such as, I want to be fit by being able to complete a half marathon, Or I want to be fit by lifting an "x" amount of weight. Challenge yourself in each of your workouts by pushing yourself to a positive fitness goal. DO NOT simply say.. I'm going to go run so I can be skinny.
This made sense to her. She agreed then asked me another good question. "Why were you lifting such heavy weight today in class?"
Well, My fitness goal today was to lift heavier or the same weight as my friend in class. I kind of giggled.. but that really was the truth.. (we are kind of competitive with each other) But I also explained that I have been teaching this class for a long time and this weight is what is challenging to me.
"Aren't you going to get all big and bulky if you lift heavy"?
NO!!! This is the biggest myth in the fitness world. Lifting heavy WILL NOT make you look like a man.. thats what steroids are for. Lifting weights will help you burn fat, and achieve the nice toned look we all strive for. I always challenge everyone in my class, especially the ones that have been coming for a while to add weight to their bar. You will get quicker results if you challenge yourself.

SOOO Here is the skinny.

Most woman work out to lose weight. Yes? If you go ask some random lady at the gym on the treadmill what her goal is. It will most likely get the answer -- To lose weight. Well, great.. how much weight? How are you planning on doing that? Can you make it more positive because to just "lose weight" sounds like a drag.. and not realistic. Its missing something, don't you think?
In this society, especially with young girls there is so much pressure to "be skinny". Whether it be influenced by the media or even their friends. When "to be skinny" is your goal. You will probably never achieve it. Why? Because.. it will never be good enough, It turns into a downward spiral. Picking your "perfect" weight, to me is not a realistic goal. Because you will get there. If you keep up with your positive fitness goals each day.
I believe that if you keep a FITNESS goal in mind, you are more likely to achieve it. Be positive, find something everyday that you like about yourself and CHALLENGE yourself to be the best you can be.
BE HAPPY. Don't get frustrated. You will reach your GOALS!!
To that young lady at the gym, to answer your question--- No, this class will not make you "skinny". But if you come challenge yourself, work hard, eat right, reach your positive fitness goals you will be FIT!

So with that being said..



  1. i love this post, and i love your blog =)

  2. My goal is to be able to do 1 pullup on my own by the end of the month!

  3. Ok, I don't think my comment posted....I said:

    sighhhh. People never fail to amaze me. I think your answer was fabulous. I taught Pump this AM too! My fitness goal right now is to stay healthy and fit for both me & my baby

  4. Love your blog, and this post is awesome!!! My positive fitness goal today is to not worry about the size I wear & focus on the training I'm doing for an upcoming half. My friend and I talk about this topic frequently, and I definitely choose to focus on being fit & healthy!!! Thank you for posting this!!