Saturday, March 12, 2011

cha cha cha chia!

Hey guys!! Yesterday was a busy day at work and baby schtuff.But I was able to get my workout in, I was planning on a run in the morning but baby B had a horrible night.. (teething is NO fun) and I made the choice to press snooze but I was able to get a workout in later. When I don't wake up before the sun to get my workout in I STILL make it a priority to get it done.  A few people asked me what I do with the babies when I workout during the day.. When I workout at GPP we have the privilege to bring them!! They also have a room in the back that the older kids can hang out in with a window so they can see you the whole time. It seems to be ideal for most mothers;)

and the crowd goes wild...                                                                          source

Do they ever cry? Of course, but most of the time they are the most perfect precious babies although they have their days every so often, but if they get fussy or sad I turn my workout into a great game of peek-a-boo. (They think burpees are hilarious). The workouts are pretty entertaining to them ;)

So, today has been amazing so far, I released Bodypump 77 this morning and logged my 12 miles from my training plan. I think I'm ready for the Moab half next weekend! It was great weather today and I felt great the whole run! T.
The best part of having a race exactly a week away is that you get to taper down. and CARB load.. woot woot. run less.. and eat more.. I'm not going to complain about that.
Last night Brent was working so it was just me and the babes all night. Nothing exciting, I was studying for the release---Welcome to procrastination station.. But everything went well though. The new release is so fun!
After the run I had a recovery shake with some delicious oats with chia seeds,blackberries and 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein. This was my first eat with chia. I love them!! They are high in omega 3's so DIG in! Keep an eye out for some fun new recipes with these little power seeds.

Well have to go get these two little ones ready, not to mention my sweaty self.. we are off for some fun today!! 
lets go mom!

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Anyone have any Races coming up soon??
Moab half baby! this is my first time doing this race so I'm excited. Especially for the 75 degree weather!!

Whats your favorite food to carb load on prior to race day?
Since I don't love pasta I go for potatoes, rice and candy.. yep, bring on the skittles ;) 


  1. SO fabulous! I have heard such good things about the childcare at the gym I work at. And I can't wait to launch 77! I have no idea when we're going to though...hopefully soon :) Great job on the run- so exciting that your race is so soon. Have a great rest of the weekend

  2. waaait. are you the candice that teaches at golds? i have never been to any of the classes but i have a class schedule on my fridge "just in case" i want to do a class sometime. also, i have never done bodypump in my life.. so maybe if you were the teacher i would go :) it's such a nice day today! yaaaaaaay

  3. Be careful with the chia. They are good for energy when used sparingly, but they can make you pretty sick if you use too much. They can drop your blood pressure and depending on what you read can be addictive.