Friday, April 18, 2014

Pregnancy- 1st Trimester


Hey guys! Hope everything is going well on your end! It has been touch and go here. Ha! Nothing huge but this pregnancy still is kicking my blogger butt. I am super tired all day, so by the time I get dinner on the table I’m usually on the couch.. just laying down.

I thought I would do a trimester recap while I have the energy. I know some people don’t love or care for these type of things so I promise not to do them weekly or anything.

1st Trimester


14 weeks! Don’t let this photo fool you… as soon as I eat something I am quite larger. Ha! Because of having twins before I “popped” pretty quick with this one!



I have been able to continue my workouts as usual with a few modifications. I still do GPP fitness workouts Monday-Friday and teach Body Pump twice weekly.


I am still running but just an easy 3 miles here and there. I have stopped teaching Body Attack, but hope to go back to it soon. I had stopped teaching it when I was trying to get pregnant because I had to drop intensity for awhile. I do miss it though, and I do realize that I could of still taught it at low impact but I’m the type of person that goes all out, especially when I teach. So I cut it and it ended up being a good thing.  

Here is a recap of my workouts last week.

  • Monday:  GPP & Boot Camp
  • Tuesday: Body Pump 
  • Wednesday: GPP & 3 mile run 
  • Thursday: GPP & Boot Camp
  • Friday: GPP
  • Saturday: Body Pump + 30 minute hike
  • Sunday: REST



Good. I wake up about once or twice to either go to the bathroom or by another child. Overall, it has been pretty good!  


NOT FINDING OUT! We have decided to have this baby be a surprise! We have a boy and a girl so why not?! Right?

Belly Button?




Stretch Marks?

None yet!


None. Although, I thought I felt a little flutter last night!


  • Nausea - More like motion sickness at night! I take half a unisom and B6 every night that helps with it during the day.
  • FATIGUE. I’m sure I could take a 3 hour nap every day at LEAST, if I could..



I haven’t really had any actual cravings as of late, I did  go through a Chipotle phase the first few weeks, but now I just want really bland food. Not anything spicy, just plain everything! Maybe with a little salt. I love fruit & skinny pop popcorn but loved it before my pregnancy too.

That is that!!

Yesterday, I took the kids to the zoo with some of our neighbors for the first time this year! They loved it!


Here we are going into this Easter weekend! We have lots of fun plans on schedule!

I want to wish all my friends and bloggers that are running BOSTON on Monday GOOD LUCK! Also, all my friends running the Salt Lake Half Marathon and the Full TOMORROW!!

Happy Running!!